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Mangal Mangal ho! What Indians will do on MARS

September 25, 2014 09:13 IST

September 24, 2014 will go down in history as a red letter day. India has successfully placed its spacecraft in orbit around Mars, and has become the first country in the world to succeed in such an inter-planetary mission in its maiden attempt. And now that the Mangalyaan is officially in the Martian orbit, it’s obvious that Indians will want to leave behind their mark in their own quintessentially ‘desi’ ways.

So here we are, reproducing our own feature from some time back, which was created, now it may seem, in anticipation of the big event.

Imaging: Shubir Rishi

Mr Martian, you have a LOT to answer! 

What over-excited TV journalists would do on Mars

I love you, M-M-M-Mars! 

What the filmy Indians would do on Mars

Ek pe ek FREE!!

What the ‘bharatiya nari’ would do on Mars



What Sachin fans would do on Mars

The essential red soil 'jhol' 

A Mars-Gate in waiting…

Every drop counts, even here! 

How Indians will tackle the water woes

Remember the gold dream? 

What the gold-loving Indian will do on Mars

Have a Marci-cola! 

What the Indians would do on a hot Martian day

Spit without a trace on the Red Planet!

Who’ll stop them here then?

Development, development and development!

Land sharks and slumdog millionaires

And…of course! 

As seen elsewhere

Shubir Rishi in Mumbai