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Why Chidambaram said no to polls

Last updated on: March 21, 2014 15:14 IST

The real story why the finance minister is not fighting the Lok Sabha election.

PChidambaram is likely to be a key Congress campaigner this election.

The finance minister is all geared up to attack Narendra Modi, particularly on economic issues, in Southern, Eastern and Western India.

Congress insiders revealed much against popular perception that Chidambaram backed out of the electoral fray in Sivaganga to save himself from certain defeat, both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi asked him to fan out in urban India and counter Modi.

Mama and Beta feel Chidambaram's oratory, withering wit and command over issues like the economy, national security and foreign affairs could help dissolve Modi's spell on the Indian middle class.

The Lok Sabha ticket to Chidambaram Jr, Karti, was granted as part of a carefully thought out strategy.

Chidambaram's elevation as a leading campaigner sends out the signal that in the event of a fractured mandate, he could emerge as a potential PM nominee.

After all, in the United Front regime of 1996-1997, Chidambaram had served as finance minister, so he is no stranger to leaders like Nitish Kumar, Mulayam Singh and Laloo Prasad Yadav.

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