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Keralites pool in Rs 34 cr to release man on Saudi death row

April 12, 2024 20:55 IST

In a display of solidarity and compassion, people in Kerala have rallied together to raise an astounding Rs 34 crore to save a man sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.

IMAGE: The view of a jail in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photograph: Reuters

Abdul Rahim, who hails from Kozhikode, has spent 18 years behind bars in the Gulf nation for allegedly killing a Saudi boy in 2006.


Until five days ago, the action committee, formed to work for the release of Rahim, could raise only a meagre amount but as the campaign intensified, help poured in from Kerala people from across the world, the organisers said on Friday.

Local people said Rahim was jailed in 2006 after he accidently caused the death of a specially-abled boy whom he was taking care of.

He was sentenced to death in 2018 after the family of the Saudi boy refused to grant amnesty.

The action committee members told the media that the appeals were rejected by the top courts but later the family agreed to pardon Rahim if he pays the 'blood money.'

"More than 75 organisations in Riyadh, Kerala-based businessman Bobby Chemmannur, various political organisations in the state, the common people all helped us to raise the money," an organiser told the media here.

His mother said she never thought that such an amount could be raised.

"I had no hope as we have no means to raise Rs 34 crore. But somehow it was all made possible," she said.

Chemmanur organised multiple events in the past few days to raise money.

He also organised the sale of one of his products and donated the whole amount to the cause.

The action committee had created a mobile application to ensure transparency in the matter.

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