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Kejriwal apologises to Hazare aide Annie Kohli

October 23, 2012 14:47 IST

For the second time in two days, Annie Kohli, an Anna Hazare supporter, confronted Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday asking how some members of his anti-graft movement were dubbing her as an "agent" of political parties.

Kohli, 55, who is based in Mumbai, went to lawyer Prashant Bhushan's residence in Noida where Kejriwal and others were in a meeting demanding that she wants to meet the activist.

As Kohli raised her voice, Kejriwal, who was in the meeting, came out and tried to assuage her.

Kohli asked Kejriwal on what basis his supporters associated with India Against Corruption accused her of being an agent of parties. She also alleged that she was manhandled by his supporters.

Kejriwal requested her to come inside the house for discussions. Later, she said Kejriwal heard her out and assured that he will talk to his supporters. She said she was with him in the movement against corruption but did not support his political campaign.

"I have no differences with him. I respect him. I want to ask him one question whether he is a crusader or a politician. I am not with him on politics but when if it is fight against corruption, I will support him," she told the media.

She also said Kejriwal, who was with her when she spoke to the media, has told her that he will talk to Mayank Gandhi about her issues.

Kejriwal said, "She is upset with the misbehaviour of some volunteers at Mumbai airport. If this is true, then I apologise to her. I will speak to volunteers. I appeal to IAC supporters not to behave like this. If we do so, then what is the difference between us and other parties?" he asked.

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