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KCR vows to make Telangana model state

Last updated on: June 02, 2014 12:32 IST

Highlights of K Chandras‎ekara Rao’s first public address as Telangana chief minister at the Parade Grounds:

* I thank all those who were part of this movement. I request all the people to cooperate and ensure that development of the new state takes place. I am ready for the responsibility the people have given me.

* I welcome investments in Telangana. I call on people from all over to invest and help develop our state.

* The people will benefit. We have planned a host of measures for the welfare of the people including health cards.

* I have a dream of making Telangana a model state. People from across the country should ape our model.

* I know the road ahead is tough, but I call people from all walks of life to come and be part of the development of our new-born state.

‎* We have a host of programmes for the farmers. We will implement the best technology possible to ensure that the farming community is benefited.

* We have a lot of natural resources; we will use it fully to help aide the state.

* Hyderabad will be the economic engine of the state. The city has a lot of potential and we will tap it to the best.

* Industrial parks will be set up in a big way.

* We will have a single-window agency to help investors.

* The brand image of Hyderabad will be enhanced. It is a world city and we will better it.

* Women empowerment will be given importance. Victims will be compensated and the government will extend all support to such women.

* I call on the police to handle law and security well. I want the police and public to share a good relationship. 

* I announce special medical allowance to the traffic police. 

* All measures will be taken to enhance security. Every street will be secure. A lot of emphasis will be given to the IT sector in Cyberabad. We want to ensure that IT thrives.

Vicky Nanjappa