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'Kasab was just a pawn, we need to hunt the masterminds'

By Prasanna D Zore
November 21, 2012 11:54 IST

Divya Salaskar, the daughter of slain encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar, who fell to terrorists' bullets in the 26/11 attacks, talks to's Prasanna D Zore about the hanging of Ajmal Kasab

Divya Salaskar is extremely thrilled and happy about the hanging of Lashkar-e-Tayiba terroriost Ajmal Kasab, but she will not have a sense of closure to the 26/11 terror attacks till masterminds in Pakistan are hanged too.

Divya told over telephone, "Kasab was just a cog in the wheel. He was just a pawn in the game of chess."

What Smita Salaskar had to say about Kasab hanging

Until the masterminds in Pakistan were weeded out, the cycle of terror attacks on Indian cities will continue, she said.

"Hanging Kasab is not the solution to terror attacks in India," she said, adding, "It is just one small step to oppose terrorism and to show the perpetrators India's resolve to fight the menace."

She believes that if the terror masterminds are not brought to justice quickly, India might have to face another sceptre of terror attacks.

While expressing sorrow, she said that had her father been alive today and had she been killed in a terror attack, he would have left no stone unturned to get the perpetrators to justice.

"If I were a victim of terror attack and if my father were alive, he would have gone inside Pakistan to hunt the terrorists," Divya said.

"He would have definitely gone inside Pakistan and got hold of LeT terrorists to get justice to all the victims of 26/11 terror attack in India."

She, however, refused to offer any suggestions, advice or appeal to the government of India on what should be done to get the masterminds feel the heat of the law.

Prasanna D Zore