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Kachori seller earning Rs 60 lakh a yr gets tax notice

June 25, 2019 19:54 IST

A small roadside outlet selling kachoris in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh has come under the scrutiny of the commercial tax department after it found that the owner of the shop, which had an annual turnover of over Rs 60 lakh did not pay his taxes.

A notice had been issued by the tax officials to the owner, Mukesh Kumar for not paying taxes and not registering his shop under GST.


Anup Maheshwari, Additional Commissioner of the Commerce Tax Department said: "A notice has been issued to the shop owner. After primary investigation, it was found that their annual turnover was more than 60 lakh."

On May 20, more than half dozen officials from Commercial Tax Department raided Kumar's shop which had been running for the past several years.

After an assessment, the officials found out that Kumar's per day sale exceeded Rs 5,500.

Kumar whose shop was raided after a complaint was registered against him said: "I feel somebody is conspiring against me. I don't think the assessment is correct. My per-day income is between two to three thousand rupees."

"They say I have not been paying taxes and did not register for GST but I am exempted from them as my income is lower than Rs 40 lakh," he said.

A shopkeeper adjacent to Kumar's shop, Akbar said: "Their daily sales must be about 5,000. I don't know how the departmental officers have assessed the cost."

According to Maheshwari, investigations into the matter are underway and further action will be taken after detailed investigations.

Source: ANI