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Jackson disguised as old lady to escape press

November 26, 2003 09:16 IST

Donning a black dress and disguising himself as an old lady Michael Jackson had escaped hordes of press besieging a Las Vegas hotel where he was holed up, a report said.

The pop icon wore a long black dress, veil and hat to flee the luxurious Green Valley Ranch on Thursday following his arrest on child molestation charges, the Las Vegas Review-Journal said.

The paper quoted 'spies' as saying that immediately after an extraordinary pursuit of his convoy to the hotel by media helicopters, Jackson sneaked out of the resort and went to the Las Vegas Country Club.

He spent two days in a penthouse suite there before leaving in pre-dawn darkness in the same costume on Saturday. The paper's gossip column said it was unknown where he went next.

The press have been desperately trying to find Jackson, who turned himself in for arrest on multiple child molestation charges in the California town of Santa Barbara earlier Thursday, ever since.