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Israel cancels counter attack on Iran after Biden's call

April 14, 2024 22:48 IST

Following a barrage of drone strikes fired by Iran on Saturday towards Israel, a New York Times report states that Israel decided to carry out a retailtory attack on Tehran on Sunday morning, however it was cancelled after a phone call took place between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the situation.

IMAGE: US President Joe Biden meets with members of his national security team in the Situation Room at the White House, in Washington, DC, on April 13, 2024. Photograph: The White House/Handout via Reuters

After Israel successfully intercepted Iranian missiles and drones, the Biden administration cautioned Tel Aviv to avoid escalation in the Middle East, The Jerusalem Post reported citing NYT.

More than 300 drones and missiles were intercepted by Israel, which United States officials called a major strategic win while advising that further retailition is not required.

Israel's war cabinet is set to convene later on Sunday to evaluate a response to Iran's attack.


Notably, Netanyahu spoke with Biden, following meetings with the Security Cabinet and the War Cabinet, after Iran launched drones towards Israel on Saturday night in response to the air strike on its embassy in Syria.

The authorities , however, did not disclose the exchange between Biden and Netanyahu.

According to Jerusalem Post, Biden's conversation with Netanyahu reiterated the US' commitment to Israel's security, which following the attacks, Biden called 'ironclad'.

In his subsequent public statement, President Biden hinted at a preference for restraint and the need for careful consideration of the situation before any steps taken further.

Israel's Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, meanwhile said on Sunday that the confrontation between Iran and Israel is 'not over yet'.

His remarks came after Iran launched an attack on Israel the previous night.

Source: ANI