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India's Enemies, Beware This IAF Drone!

August 14, 2023 17:50 IST

The Indian Air Force has introduced the Heron Mark 2 drone that can cover India's borders with Pakistan and China.

Equipped with satellite communication links, the Heron Mark 2 is the most advanced drone in the armed forces inventory.

The Heron Mark 2 drones can be outfitted with long-range missiles and other weapons.

It can operate at very long distances for close to 36 hours at a stretch and can also laser illuminate enemy targets from very long ranges to help fighter aircraft destroy them.

The Heron Mark 2 drone can operate in any weather and in any terrain to address its targets and complete the mission.

"The Heron Mark 2 is a very capable drone. This is capable of longer endurance and has 'beyond line of sight' capability. With this, the entire country can be surveilled from the same place. The drone simply amalgamates into the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance matrix of the Indian Air Force," says Wing Commander Pankaj Rana, commanding officer of the drone squadron.


IMAGE: The IAF's Heron Mark 2 drone, here and below. Photographs: Grab from ANI Video/Twitter










IMAGE: Wing Commander Pankaj Rana, commanding officer of the Heron Mark 2 drone squadron, at a forward air base in the northern sector. Photograph: ANI Photo

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