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'Americans must honour sacrifices made for India's freedom'

August 12, 2010 08:17 IST

Americans should honour the hardships and sacrifices, which led to India's freedom after years of struggle against the British rule, a senior US Congresswoman has said while commemorating the upcoming Independence Day.

"Madam Speaker, I rise today to commemorate August 15th as Indian Independence Day -- a day for all Americans to honour the hardships and sacrifices that paved the road to Indian freedom," Republican Congresswoman Judy Biggert said in her speech on the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Just as America struggled to achieve independence, thousands of Indian freedom fighters died in their efforts to attain sovereignty for India, she said.

Representing the 13th District of Illinois, which is home to a thriving Indian-American community deeply rooted in the traditions of Indian culture, Biggert herself was born on the same day 10

years before India achieved its independence.

Indian-Americans have made countless and distinguished contributions to the United States in numerous fields, including business, education, medicine, science and public service, she said.

"To honour this day, the city of Naperville, Illinois will conduct a flag ceremony as a tribute to India's independence and will host a cultural celebration to commemorate the occasion with traditional patriotic dances and youth performances," Biggert said.

"Madam Speaker, let us join with Americans of Indian origin from across the country to celebrate Indian Independence Day and take this opportunity to appreciate the rich culture, traditions, and history that have contributed so much to the United States of America," she said.

Lalit K Jha in Washington
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