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'5 terror camps along LoC, Pak Army gives covering fire'

By Mukhtar Ahmad
November 26, 2010 22:54 IST
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About five launching pads are operating along the Line of Control where at least 50 terrorist are present at any given time ready to infiltrate, a foreign terrorist nabbed recently by security forces has revealed.

Mohammad Saleem Rahmani alias Abu Saad, hailing from Nawab Shah in Pakistan, said the camps were located at Chamb, Keel, Athmuqam and the Lepa Valley on the Pakistani side.

Rahmani said he 'infiltrated through the Keel sector and that the Pakistan Army allowed their group to cross the bridge after contacting their seniors.'

"The Pakistan Army helps the terrorists in infiltration by giving covering fire," he disclosed

A police spokesman said that the arrested foreign terrorist disclosed that 'potential jihadis of different conflict-ridden regions of the world converge at Muzaffarabad and after assessing the linguistic familiarity of the potential jihadis, they are sent to regions like Kashmir, Chechnya and Afghanistan'.

Rahmani said he was 'indoctrinated at Masjid Ibrahim Khalil at Nawab Shah Sindh.

"The Masjid was sealed in the aftermath of 26/11, as the Mumbai attackers were motivated and indoctrinated there. This camp was reopened within two days of closure," he added.

He said that like other potential jihadis, he too was imparted training at Mansara district of Sarhad state of Pakistan.

"The basic training course runs for one month, which is known as Dor-e-Aam, during which basic training on the handling of weapons is provided besides religious indoctrination. Every week, 40 to 50 potential jihadis are imparted training at this camp. Nasar Javaid and Abu Saad were at the helm of affairs at the Mansara camp."

They were then shifted to Muzaffarabad for further rigorous training.

"This training period is known as Duri-e-Khas, which runs for 3 months during which field craft, battle tactics and shooting tactics are imparted. About 250 to 300 terrorists are present at this camp at any time."

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Mukhtar Ahmad in Srinagar