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Dom's Take: Toolkit & the SUPPRESSION of Dissent

February 16, 2021 13:55 IST

"From the way the godi media went apoplectic over Greta Thurnberg's post and reference to 'tool kit', I was under the impression that Greta Thurnberg's alleged 'tool kit' incited people to violence and that it was a major crime she had committed," Dr V Suresh, the national general secretary, People's Union of Civil Liberties, told on Monday.

"Only after I saw the so called 'tool kit'," Dr Suresh, a lawyer, added, "I realised it was just another set of instructions for anyone wanting to write representations to the President of India and the prime minister and other dignitaries."

"It is absurd to say this 'tool kit' is dangerous," the civil liberties activist asserted.

Dominic Xavier offers his take on the shocking trend of arresting young activists who merely shared the toolkit on the farmers' protests.