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BSF@50: A lensman's tribute to the Borderman

May 27, 2015 10:21 IST
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The Border Security Force turns 50 this year.

The paramilitary force, set up in December 1, 1965, is India’s first line of defence and has the distinction of being world’s largest border guarding force.

To commemorate the feat, the BSF roped in ace celebrity lensman Pravin Talan to bring out a special edition calendar and a coffee table book titled 'Borderman' released by Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

Saluting the undying spirit of world's largest border guarding force, Talan travelled to various borders of the country to capture the glory of the force.

Scroll down to see Talan’s tribute to the men and women guarding India's borders, which he exclusively provided to

Image: A BSF commando is one of the best-trained commandoes in the country. From unarmed combat to using most modern weapons or the traditional ones, a BSF commando is lethal. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: BSF jawans attacking through the smoke cover. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: A female BSF jawan carries the heavy rocket grenade launcher with much ease. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: Dogs will always be an integral part of any patrol with their acute sense of smell and sound. And they eagerly walk for miles along the fencing with the foot patrol. They are specially sent to the National Training Centre for Dogs to be trained in infantry patrol, detection of explosives, tracking etc. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: Even in knee deep muddy waters, the BSF patrol unit must cover without fail its designated area everyday. Combing operations across the fields are a routine. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: The BSF is actively involved in development of border areas and it also plays an important role in promoting sense of security among the people living in the border areas. The trust little child shows in his eyes as a Jawan interacts with him can’t be missed in this picture. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: Many areas across the North East are host to poisonous insects and mosquitoes that cause dangerous diseases like PF Malaria that straight away hits the brain and has high mortality rate. The jawans have to protect themselves not only from the enemy but these little carriers of death. It is compulsory for the Jawans posted in areas like Simna 2 where this picture was shot to carry mosquito repellant creams and wear specially designed mosquito net masks. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: To merge effortlessly with the background with highest level of alertness in anticipation of the enemy is important part of the training. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: A jawan and the flag can’t be separated. He lives and dies for the honor of the flag, for respect of the nation. The beating retreat ceremony across various borders in the country is considered as one of the most charged up affairs where many visitors gather with pride and inhale the intoxicating patriotism. As the jawan folds the flag at Akhohora checkpost in Agartala, his eyes speak respect, determination and passion abundant. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: In its beauty lies the danger. These silent scenic waters are home to some of the deadliest predators in the world that includes crocodiles amongst many others. A jawan scans the waters for anything unusual. Far away in the distance can be seen floating BOP and a little away lies Bangladesh. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: In the difficult terrains it is often the horses that make chase much easier. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: Being a part of Border Security Force is a day and night job. At nights, it becomes even more important to be able to penetrate through the darkness for any movement across the waters. Human and animal trafficking is a major concern throughout the stretch of Bangladesh border. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: And proud flies the Indian Flag at he border outpost at Simna2 at the extreme side of Tripura. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: This floating BOP, known as SP Durga, is stationed at Boltala -- merely a stone's throw away from Bangladesh. These floating BOPs are equipped with most modern form of communication and technology and weaponry to intercept smugglers and militants trying to sneak through the borders. In this photo, four speedboats are escorting it. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: Speedboats are the lifelines at the Esturine Delta of Sundarbans. A number of outposts are totally cut off from the mainland and rely heavily on these boats for various needs Not only these boats are used to patrol across the shark-infested waters, merely a few feet away from the mangroves housing the ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger, but are put into multiple use like getting food, medicines and for other emergencies. Photograph: Pravin Talan

Image: The rising sun may appear calm and serene, but the BSF speedboat is already tearing up the waters at Sundarbans. Photograph: Pravin Talan

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