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CHAT: Just why is Sharad Pawar ANGRY?

July 20, 2012 12:53 IST

Has Sharad Pawar really offered to quit the UPA government, or is he shadow-boxing? Political commentator Dilliwalla will be in conversation with's Abhishek Mande on Friday, June 20, 2012 at 2pm IST to provide some answers.

Even as the UPA government hurtles from one controversy to another, NCP strongman Sharad Pawar is the latest to throw the coalition into trouble.

Just what is playing on Sharad Pawar's mind and what is it that he wants out of the government?

That the Congress and NCP share an uneasy relationship, is well know, but what could be his next step?

Dilliwalla, who has his ear to the ground in matters political, will be in conversation with's Abhishek Mande and answer all these questions and more!

Catch up with Dilliwalla on Rediff ZaraBol at 2pm IST on Friday, June 20, 2012, to talk about all things political!

Photograph: Rediff Archives

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