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CHAT: Can President Pranab be apolitical?

July 25, 2012 12:56 IST

Can an active politician like Pranab Mukherjee ever be an apolitical President? Join Dilliwalla on Wednesday, June 25, 2012 at 2pm IST for some answers.

The man who was once touted to be the next prime minister of India has now settled for a ceremonial post. Pranab Mukherjee, who takes over as the 13th President of India, will probably have a far more action-filled tenure than his predecessor, more especially if the 2014 elections throw up no clear winner.

However, Mukherjee is no APJ Abdul Kalam and he is certainly no Pratibha Patil either. The former Congress strongman has to this day been a very, very active politician, is clued in not just to Delhi politics but also holds a keen interest in his home state of West Bengal. So, what can the nation expect with Pranabda in Rashtrapati Bhavan?

Dilliwalla, who has his ears to the ground in matters political, will be in conversation with's Abhishek Mande and answer these questions and more!

Photo: Simon Dawson/Getty Images

Catch up with Dilliwalla on Rediff ZaraBol at 2pm IST on Wednesday, July 25, 2012, to talk about all things political