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Brit teenager becomes youngest man to cycle round the world

Last updated on: August 11, 2015 12:11 IST

A British teenager has completed an “amazing” 30,000-kilometer around-the-world cycling journey that also took him to India while raising around 60,000 pounds, a trip believed to make him the youngest person to achieve this feat.

Tom Davies in Battersea before leaving. Photograph: Tom Davies/

Tom Davies, 19, completed the final leg in Dorset, UK on Sunday after six months on the road.

Tom takes a lunch break in Beaulieu-Sur-Mer in France. Photograph: Tom Davies/

He was cheered home by about 100 family members, friends and others who had followed updates on his blog which he updated daily.

Tom Davies opposite a dormant vineyard on his sixth and final leg in New Zealand. Photograph: Tom Davies/

“I've just cycled around the world. It's the best feeling,” Davies said.

“It's been a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, so it's amazing to finish,” the Guardian quoted him as saying.

Tom Davies completing his long journey while his sister Anna and mother Alison watch on. Photograph: Tom Davies/

“Up to the 5 hour mark, the ride was fantastic. Unfortunately, it went slightly downhill after that. A headwind picked up out of nowhere. It wasn't as bad as Europe but it was enough to annoy me. The road also went bad for about 500m, and in that time a screw on my pannier rack fell out,” Davies wrote in his blog, explaining his experience on riding in Goa.

Tom Davies with fellow cycling enthusiasts. Photograph: Tom Davies/

“Today started off pretty well. I knew I would hit Kanyakumari at mile 34 so I set that as a target for my first stop. I made it without trouble and would have been fine to carry on had I not needed to refill water and get some food. The town itself was actually very busy,” Davies wrote on the 37th day of his journey when he was in India.

Tom Davies had to battle harsh weather during his trip; one of only many obstacles he faced during his journey. Photograph: Tom Davies/

He pedalled about 100 kilometres a day at an average speed of about 27 kilometres per hour.

Tom Davies in India with what he deemed an 'overenthusiastic manager' of one of the hotels he was staying in. Photograph: Tom Davies/

“The trip has been amazing, but I didn't really know what to expect heading into it,” Davies said.

Tom says he took this photo after being chased by dogs in Albania. Photograph: Tom Davies/

“It has been incredible to see the countries and experience the different cultures in this way, while also pushing myself harder than I ever thought possible,” he added.

Tom Davies made many friends across the world during his trip. This is him with two of them during the India leg of his journey. Photograph: Tom Davies/

Davies discovered cycling was his passion at the age of 15 after being inspired by his father, with whom he cycled from London to Chamonix in the Alps.

Tom Davies relaxes in one of Southern India's restaurants. Photograph: Tom Davies/

The trip raised money for charities including Prostate Cancer UK; Carney's Community, which works with disadvantaged young people.

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