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BJP seeks CBI probe into Neha's murder, says conduct of CM raises questions

April 23, 2024 18:30 IST

Karnataka Bharatiya Janata Party chief BY Vijayendra on Tuesday demanded that the Congress government in Karnataka hand over the investigation into the murder of student Neha Hiremath to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

IMAGE: Members of the Anjuman-E-Islam hold a protest against the murder of Neha Hiremath in her college premises, in Dharwad, Karnataka, April 22, 2024. Photograph: ANI Photo

He visited Neha Hiremath's family in Hubballi and consoled them.


"I met the victim's family. They are also not happy with the way the state government is conducting this case. The government has handed over the case to CID, but only one person has been arrested. We are not pressurising the state government here, but unfortunately, the other persons who are involved, none of them have been called for an investigation," Vijayendra said.

Speaking to reporters after meeting Neha's parents in Hubballi, he claimed that the statements made by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, home minister G Parameshwara and a few ministers in connection with this case are "very disturbing".

"In a tragedy like this, how can the CM say that the murder has taken place because of personal reasons? The home minister comes out with some other statement, and the district in-charge minister indirectly supports minorities," he claimed.

"Where is the question of minority or majority? It is a daylight murder in Hubballi. The security of women is under big question," Vijayendra said.

Neha Hiremath (23), was stabbed to death on the campus of BVB College on last Thursday.

The accused Fayaz Khondunaik, who fled from the scene, was arrested by the police subsequently. Neha was a first-year Master of Computer Applications student and Fayaz was earlier her classmate.

Siddaramaiah on Monday announced that his government has decided to hand over the investigation into the incident to the Crime Investigation Department, and to set up a special court for speedy disposal of the case.

Vijayendra claimed that every alternate day murders are taking place in the state, and alleged that the Congress government, chief minister and home minister are not taking this incident seriously.

"They are indirectly trying to protect minorities," he claimed.

"Minority or majority, murderer is a murderer, nothing to do with caste or religion. So, I demand the Congress government and the chief minister, instead of wasting time, by doing an investigation by CID. Please hand over the investigation to the CBI," he said.

There is a demand for a CBI probe because no one feels that the state government has taken the case seriously, he further claimed. "The conduct of the government, the CM and the home minister itself raises big questions."

When told that the father of the victim expressed satisfaction over the case having gone to the CID for investigation and a special court being set up, Vijayendra claimed that a number of murders are taking place or have taken place across the state both before and after this incident, and it has "almost become a routine" in Karnataka.

"Daylight murders are going on on a day-to-day basis in Karnataka. Law and order situation is deteriorating day by day. To put an end to these kinds of incidents. I urge that the case be handed over to the CBI to probe," he added.

Regarding allegations that the BJP is trying to communalise the incident, Vijayendra claimed it is the ministers of the ruling Congress party government who are issuing statements on communal lines.

"It is a case of daylight murder. Where is the question of any religion or community? A murderer is a murderer, irrespective of which religion he belongs to," he reiterated.

"The question is the safety of women in Karnataka. It is most important, the state government has to take it very seriously."

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