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Bihar police drop guns, pick up video cameras

September 20, 2011 15:14 IST
Following the success of speedy trials of criminals, the Bihar police have decided to use digital video cameras to shoot troublemakers during protests, which have led to clashes between the law-enforcers and the public. With this, the police want to ensure that punishment is meted out to those breaking laws.

"On the basis of video recordings we will easily identify those causing a nuisance and chargesheet them to ensure conviction by the court," a police official said.

Bihar's new Director General of Police Abhyanand, known for innovative experiments to check crime, has asked all districts superintendents of police to purchase digital video cameras.

A senior police official told that in wake of increasing incidents of clashes between police and public during protests, particularly in Nalanda, Siwan, Patna districts over the last few days, they will use video cameras to shoot troublemakers instead of using lathis
and weapons to deal with agitators.

"The police have concluded that some demonstrators turn violent during protests. The police are forced to lathicharge and sometimes even open fire to disperse mobs and often people sustain injuries," a police official said.

With the help of video footage, the police will identify troublemakers and will lodge a first information report against them. In case of sudden or unexpected trouble, the police have been instructed to use mobile cameras to record violent protestors.

According to police, camera footage can be effective evidence against troublemakers in view of the 2009 amendment in the Evidence Law that permits use of CDs as evidence. The police will thus document events that cause disturbance and the troublemakers will be prosecuted on the basis of footage available with the police.

M I Khan in Patna