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Bihar: Cousins swap wives, but relationship turns sour

Last updated on: February 22, 2013 13:50 IST

Three years ago Mohd Mushtaque and Mohd Sohrab from Bihar's Araria district exchanged their wives out of love, but lust and greed for a piece of land proved fatal for their relationship, a police official on Friday said.

Mushtaque exchanged his wife Mojiba Khatun with his cousin Sohrab's wife Nilo Farhat by mutual consent. They continued to have good relations with each other even after their unique decision.

However, a sudden development soured their relationship. On Wednesday, Mushtaque lodged a complaint with the local police accusing Sohrab of having abducted his earlier wife Mojiba Khatun and sought the help of the police to get her back from Sohrab’s house.

The police returned Mojiba to Mushtaque on Thursday. But police officials were stunned when she told them that she loved Sohrab and revealed that Nilo Farhat loved Mushtaque.

Araria Superintendent of Police Shivdeep W Lande said that Mojiba told the police that when Mushtaque and Sohrab came to know about their feelings they mutually agreed to swap wives.

Lande said that when Mushtaque came to know that his earlier wife -- Mojiba Khatun -- had some property in her name, he wanted her back.

"It seems that the lust for her property is behind Mushtaque’s u-turn," said Lande.

Lande told that the police was investigating the case.

He also said that local villagers had informed the police that the village panchayat had approved Mushtaque’s and Sohrab’s appeal to exchange wives.

M I Khan in Patna