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'Bhashans' alone won't unite Hindu society: RSS

February 15, 2015 19:21 IST
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Noting that the time has come when the entire society wanted Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and had expectations from it, the outfit’s chief, Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday said the organisation's job was to "unite the Hindu society" and this cannot be only through 'bhashans (lectures)'.

Addressing the 'Rashtra Raksha Sangam' in Kanpur, he said: “The job of RSS is to unite the Hindu society and make it fearless, self-reliant and selfless, and the one which is ready to live and die for the country. This cannot be done only through 'bhashans'.”

"It has to be brought into practice... What is the meaning of RSS shakha? We come together and forget everything else. Only 'bhagwa (saffron) flag' is in front of us and that is the symbol of pride," he said.

Bhagwat said, "Often the word 'show of strength' crops up. When we organise such programmes, it is said that these are show of strength by RSS. Those who do not have strength need to show it. We don't need to do that. We have our own strength. RSS moves ahead on the basis of its own strength. It is our 'atma darshan'."

He said, "In history, we were not behind anyone, but a handful of people made us slaves. In the last meeting of the Constituent Assembly, Dr (B R) Ambedkar said that the country was not lagging behind in anything, but due to selfishness some people gifted it to the Britishers on a silver platter and unless we practice brotherhood the threat will continue."

Bhagwat said there was nothing new in RSS ideology. 

"The new thing is its method. There is so much diversity in the country, irrespective of caste, language or regional differences we all consider Bharat as mother. We say Bharat Mata ki jai," he said.

The four-day RSS 'manthan', which will be held behind closed doors, is expected to discuss the organisation's strategy to galvanise and energise the cadre with elections in key states Bihar and Uttar Pradesh not very far away.

As the meeting comes in the backdrop of the BJP's rout in assembly polls in the national capital, it is likely to come up for discussion.

Bhagwat said that those who

do not know RSS or have not seen it closely, imagine different things after watching such programmes. "There is nothing new in it. Such programmes are organised on a regular basis and we are habitual to such events. There is constant 'chintan' (brainstorming)," he said. 

"We don't believe in caste, language or sect but only share an hour with others," Bhagwat said.

The RSS chief said a man creates his own destiny and no other person. 

"The objective of the programme is one -- welfare of the country and the society," he said.

When the country was under the British Rule, many people worked with the same objective to achieve freedom, he said. 

"(First RSS Chief) Doctor (K B) Hegdewar had no other objective in his life. At a tender age when people don't even think, he pledged that unless the fate of the country changes, he won't think about himself," he said. 

He said worshipping the motherland unites all. "Our great personalities are one. Who does not know Rama, Krishna or Lord Shiva. We relate ourselves with our ancestors. Our values are same," he said. 

"Anyone can become rich through corrupt means... But he cannot acknowledge in public that he is corrupt," he said. 

It should be seen what "our behaviour, what is the view towards women" is, he said.

Bhagwat said 'Sanatan dharma' is one thing which people call by different names. "Some call it Bharatiya sanskriti, some Hindu culture. It teaches to respect all diversity. It says that differentiating is not right. This is Sanatan Hindu dharma. Those who connect with these things are called Hindus."

He asked the cadre to prepare a good society and start the work from their own homes. "There is no point in fighting against darkness, just put up light and it will go away. When the people with good behaviour will come up, the society will change and fate of the country will change," he said. 

He said there were good people working in the society, in the government and in political parties and they would be helpful. "Our work is to prepare a good society by changing people. As son of Bharat Mata, contributing in this pious work is our wish," he said. 

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