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Before tragic crash-landing, pilot aborted 2 landings

August 08, 2020 10:18 IST

Air India Express pilots, who have died in Kerala plane crash tragedy, attempted two landings before the final landing at the tabletop runway at Kozhikode on Friday.

IMAGE: An Air India Express jet breaks into two after it skidded off the runway while landing in Kozhikode. Photograph: @satyaprad1/Twitter

Two landings were aborted by pilots due to tailwind.

"According to weather radar, approach was for Runway 28 but as pilots found difficulties they went around twice and came from the opposite side on Runway 10 and the plane crash-landed at Kerala's Kozhikode airport," a senior investigator from DGCA told ANI.

Air India Express IX-1344, B737 Dubai to Calicut was operating under Vande Bharat Mission flight.


"Total 190 persons were on board. Visibility was 2,000 metre and rains were reported. Aircraft was at full speed while landing and overshot the Runway 10. It continued running to the end of runway and fell down in the valley and broke down into two pieces," the DGCA said.

Eighteen people including two pilots were killed and scores injured when an AIE flight from Dubai with 190 on board overshot the tabletop runway in Kozhikode airport on Friday night while landing in heavy rains and fell into a valley 35 feet below and broke into two portions.

Source: ANI