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After power supply, Telangana activists target TV channels

By Vicky Nanjappa
September 26, 2011 17:00 IST
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At a meeting in Hyderabad on Monday afternoon, pro-Telangana activists decided to impose a ban on all national television channels with immediate effect in the region. These activists believe that these channels have downplayed their agitation for a separate state.

The students Joint Action Committee had informed cable operators in the Telangana region about the proposed step. The operators have decided to issue a circular across entire region to shut down all national television channels with immediate effect.

The activists argue that the national media has intentionally downplayed the massive agitation for Telangana.

"If they ignore us then we will ignore them as well. The ban will be on the lines of what was done with TV9 channel a month back," they declared during the meeting.

The activists feel that these channels are catering more to the demands of the people of Andhra and Rayalseema regions as most media houses are controlled by them.

"If the issue of Anna Hazare could get so much coverage, then our issue deserves some coverage at least. This is not just our imagination. The Shri Krishna Commission report had stated that since the media relies on government advertisements, so they downplay the Telangana agitation. But this was part of the 8th chapter of the report that was never made public," said one of the activists.

Other JACs fighting for a separate state are scheduled to hold meetings to decide the next course of action.

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that students have suffered the brunt of protests, as schools and colleges are forced to remain shut during the frequent bandhs demanding a new state.

A survey across Telangana is being conducted on the issue. The activists claim that most parents feel that their children should make this sacrifice for their state.

"What is the point of studying if our children can't get jobs when Telangana is under Andhra Pradesh," said one of the activists.

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Vicky Nanjappa
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