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Aarushi case: 'Foot prints seemed to have been wiped'

Source: PTI
September 11, 2012 22:46 IST
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A witness and colleague of dentist Rajesh Talwar on Tuesday told the special CBI court, trying the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case that the foot prints on stairs leading to the terrace of L-32 apartment were of "red colour and seemed to have been wiped off".

Rohit Kocchar, a colleague of Talwars and a fellow dental surgeon, appeared before the court as a new CBI witness.

Kocchar is the eighth witness produced in the court and five more witnesses have to be examined as per the order of the Supreme Court in the case and for consideration of bail for Nupur Talwar the accused mother of Aarushi Talwar.

The witness Kocchar said that when he reached Talwars' house at L-32, Jalviyu Vihar with his wife PreetiĀ  Kocchar on May 16, 2008, there was a huge crowd in the house.

He told the court that Rajesh's another colleague, Rajiv Kumar Varshney, reached there half-an-hour later.

Varshney told him that he had mistakenly climbed up to the terrace door, which was closed and there were blood stains on the staircase and the handle of door, CBI witness Kocchar said.

Kocchar also said in his deposition before the court that he also went upstairs with Varshney and saw there were blood stains on handle of the door and "foot prints on the stairs were of red colour and seemed to have wiped out."

They also showed the blood stains to a police man who was called by someone from the crowd which had gathered on the stairs.

Kocchar told the court that they also asked the policeman to break the lock and see what was on the terrace.

"The policeman asked Rajesh for the terrace door key but Rajesh went into the house and did not come out for a long time," Kocchar said in court.

The crucial witness in his examination said after that he along with Varshney entered the house and left when the body of Aarushi was brought to house after postmortem.

He also told the court that Rajesh was wearing a red t-shirt and a half trouser but he did not recall what Nupur was wearing, however, he said there were no blood on their clothes.

Kocchar also identified his statement recorded before the Magistrate under 164 of Cr.PC on 15.12.2010.

Defence counsel Manoj Shishodia said the witness during the cross examination said he could not tell the foot prints were of shoes or not.

Shishodia also said Kocchar could not tell that there were blood or colour in the foot prints but it was of light colour.

During his cross examination Kocchar said, "I was standing two or three steps down when Rajesh went towards the terrace."

Before Kocchar's deposition, the defence counsel completed the cross examination of Varshney, another dentist-witness.

Varshney stated that in his earlier statement made in 2010 he had deposed that the stains were "faint blood stains" but now he said he was not sure that the stains which he saw on the terrace door and its lock on May 16, 2008, were of blood or not.

He said they appeared to me like blood and hence he, in his earlier statement, had deposed that they were blood stains.

However, in his deposition Varshney said he was not sure about the blood stains and that the "police did not try to break the lock of the terrace door."

"Police told me that the culprit must have tried to escape and hide weapons but would have returned after seeing the locked terrace," he said.

Varshney also said "I also asked the policeman to call the finger print expert."

No one tried to break the lock of terrace door, he said.

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