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Modi calls for revolution to take country forward

Source: PTI
Last updated on: October 08, 2014 15:26 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday called for a "four-coloured" revolution signifying the colours of the Indian tricolour in the area of power and agriculture, marine sector and milk production to take the country forward.

Addressing a poll rally in Rohtak, Modi also hit out at Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda in his hometown for failing to protect the pride and dignity of women, especially Dalits.

Modi used the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti to woo Dalits in the state by invoking the issue of their pride, dignity and safety in the area.

While talking about the saffron revolution, the prime minister took a jibe at his "secular friends", saying they will get fever on hearing about it.

"Our national flag has three colours, besides the blue colour of the Ashok Chakra. I want to bring in a four-coloured revolution. One colour is saffron and I want to bring in saffron revolution. My secular friends will have fever after hearing this. I am not sure if they will be able to sleep. Saffron means power and people want electricity.”

"We need a white revolution for increasing the milk production in the country. These days synthetic milk is being produced with political patronage and is playing with the health of people. We also need a second green revolution which is the need of the hour. We also need to bring about a blue revolution for increasing our sea power by promoting ports and strengthen fishermen," he said.

Attacking Hooda, he said, he and his family have ruled over the state for the last 10 years but the law and order situation was such that women did not feel safe and the plight of Dalit women was even worse as a government panel in its report had pointed out to the atrocities on 19 Dalit girls.

"In the chief minister's area, if Dalit girls are not safe, there cannot be a bigger blot on the government than this," he said while citing a 2002 report by the Chairman of All-India SC/ST Commission, who had visited the district in 2002 and confirmed atrocities on 19 Dalit girls in its report.

"Despite that this heartless government did not act and did nothing to lodge an FIR," he said, adding, the "startling" report was given by a Congressman chairman of the Dalit body.

In his attempt to woo the Dalits in the state, Modi assured them on Valmiki Jayanti that the BJP government will ensure dignity and safety of Dalits in the state, especially women.

Appealing to all sections of society to rise above religion, caste, creed and sect to elect a BJP government in the state, the prime minister said, he will help restore the law and order and take the state on the path of speedy recovery.

He said he will be held accountable if people elected a BJP government as he will ensure the state's progress by being at the Centre.

Modi also raised the menace of female foeticide in Haryana, as the state had a low sex ratio, and said, "We have to remove this blot from the face of Haryana. Nine worst districts out of 15 in the country with poor sex ratio did not lend dignity to Haryana."

He also attacked dynastic politics prevalent in the state where only 5 families have controlled the state and youth had to leave for other states in search of job opportunities.

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