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  May 28, 2001     Earthquake hits India   Resources

January 25, 2004
  3 years later, Gujarat emerges stronger
January 18, 2002
  Slight tremor shakes Kutch
January 14, 2002
  On quake anniversary, CM wants people to appease gods
January 12, 2002
  13,805 deaths confirmed: Haren Pandya
September 5, 2001
  US commits $8 million more for quake-hit
August 1, 2001
  Quake concert cancelled for lack of sponsors
July 31, 2001
  Saurashtra quake victims on fast
May 30, 2001
  Vajpayee to visit quake-hit Kutch
May 28, 2001
  Lashkar militant held in Kutch before PM's visit
May 12, 2001
  6 injured in building collapse in Bhuj
April 28, 2001
  Mild earthquake hits Delhi
April 6, 2001
  Clinton, Pawar discuss quake relief efforts
April 5, 2001
  Clinton meets govt representatives, NGOs
Clinton remembers Gandhi at Sabarmati
Clinton arrives in Bombay
April 4, 2001
  I'm trying to be useful: Bill Clinton
Clinton promises focussed action plan for Kutchis
April 3, 2001
  Bill Clinton won't be meeting 'real people'
April 2, 2001
  Quake deals another blow to tourism in J&K
March 29, 2001
  Clinton to visit Bhuj, Ratnal, Anjaar and Bhachau
NRIs in US Looking Forward to Clinton's Visit
March 28, 2001
  'Clinton eager to meet quake victims'
March 20, 2001
  Mild quake hits Koyna region: PTI
March 19
  Mandela donates Gandhi prize money to quake victims
March 15
  States told to amend building by-laws
Moderate quake in Car Nicobar island
March 14
  One more Ahmedabad builder detained under PASA
March 4
  Tremors rock Gujarat, Mizoram, Meghalaya: PTI
March 3
  Builder of Ahmedabad's Shikhar apartment arrested: PTI
March 2
  US Congressman to seek more funds for Gujarat: PTI
Gujarat relief begs $100 million question
February 28
  Gujarat govt can float tax-free bonds for quake relief: PTI
February 27
  Vajpayee accuses Oppn of insulting Gujarat: PTI
  Dubai ruler donates 80 Arabian horses for quake victims
February 26
  Only mud huts withstood quake
February 22
  Form national panel on earthquakes: Delhi HC
Parliament may discuss Gujarat quake on Feb 26: PTI
February 21
  Labourers, pigeons return to Gujarat: PTI
February 19
  Lok Sabha to discuss quake on Tuesday: PTI
More quakes rock Gujarat
February 16
  Quake blunts knife industry in Anjaar
Intelligence agencies worried about Kutch security: PTI
Vacant seats, unanswered roll calls in Ahmedabad schools
Gujarat government invokes PASA against 2 builders
Kutch region rocked by 15 more aftershocks
February 15

Keshubhai denies he is under pressure to quit
Quake rumours keep Gujarat on the edge

February 14

Kutch continues to record aftershocks
UNICEF to vaccinate quake-hit kids: PTI

February 13, 2001

Gujarat's need of the hour: 75,000 tents
Fresh tremors in Bhuj, other parts of Gujarat: PTI
Mild tremors in parts of Kerala: PTI

February 12, 2001

Quake runs 'fear' out of her mind
When Naik Narayanan was Bhuj's main link to the outside world
Kutch experiences more aftershocks
Oriya workers return from Gujarat to a bleak future

February 9, 2001

Toll-free phones to make ISD calls
Solar cookers to the rescue of quake affected
After-shocks rattle Kutch throughout Thursday night

February 8, 2001
  Fresh tremors rock Gujarat
RDX buried under debris of Bhuj police headquarters
Fleet review will be devoid of joy
200,000 students affected by quake
Killer quake was 180 years in the making
Music maestros join hands to help quake victims
In Kutch, a doctor sees nearly 80 injured a day

February 7, 2001
  If earthquake is here, can drought be far away?
'A cohesive society has become a buffer against fear'
BJP defends Gujarat CM
Satellite photos of Bhuj 'sensitive'
Water purification unit missing from Bhuj airport
Demolition man is now in charge of Bhuj rehabilitation: PTI
Shabir Shah on a tour of quake-hit areas
Goa Congress concerned about Karnataka dams
Memorial for Anjaar's school children
Bhuj asks Gujarat Govt for Rs 5 billion in aid: PTI
Three youths rape quake victim: PTI

February 6, 2001
  Northeast states draft disaster management policy
Lodai, Khengarpur, Dhrang become tourist hotspots
Gujarat to announce housing policy for quake-hit: PTI
Bhuj collector gheraoed: PTI
Gujarat forest dept chips in with wood: PTI
Most telephone exchanges in Bhuj restored: PTI
Aid yet to reach all quake-hit villages
Rescue operations give way to rehabilitation: Reuters
Madhuri wins Rs 5 million on KBC

February 5, 2001
  Bhuj jailer guards an empty prison
Two more rescued in Bhuj: PTI
51 Guwahati highrises quake-vulnerable
Poor water, not rotting bodies, of greater concern: Red Cross
Tents now decide the social hierarchy in Bhuj
Tent cities to be set up in Gujarat
Debris disposal a challenge in Bhuj
How the quake tax will affect you
Salt industry suffers 1 mn tonne output loss
'I'd rather risk death than beg': Reuters
Kandla port extends force majeure: Reuters
Economy bowed, not broken, by quake
IOC restarts Kandla-Bhatinda pipeline
Forex brokers to contribute to quake relief
President promulgates order for 2% surcharge
Banks propose loan rescheduling after quake: Reuters
Hardware industry fears quake tremors

February 4, 2001
  Eleven-month-old emerges alive after a week
Kutchi Leva Patels to chat up relatives abroad
Rajkot faces acute shortage of tents: PTI
People offer to adopt orphans: PTI

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 • 'If my daughter is dead,
    he said let me look for my wife'
 • Earthquakes: A ready-reckoner

 • 'Even if we can predict an
    earthquake, what can one do?'
    V K Gaur
 • 'We swung into action on the
    first day itself'
    Keshubhai Patel
    Gujarat chief minister
 • 'The (Indian) Army is terrific'
    Colonel Ofi Reich
    leader of the Israeli team
 • 'The BJP's trying to rejuvenate
    itself by the earthquake'
    Amarsinh Chaudhry
    Gujarat Opposition leader
 • 'Devastated areas won't
    return to normal'
    Alan Bradbury
    Intl Fedn of Red Cross
 • 'We wanted to save as
    many lives as possible'
    Group Capt S S Danda
    Station Commander
    Bhuj IAF base
 • 'Alas, we failed to learn
    much from the disaster'
    David J Wald
    USGS seismologist
 • 'External aid has to come
    through a proper channel'
    Bhaskar Baruah
    Union Agriculture Secretary
 • 'Let us first rescue the people':
    Dr S K Srivastav,
    additional director general,
    Indian Meteorological
 • 'Foolhardy to exclude a major
    Vinod Kumar Gaur,

 • Dilip D'Souza's despatches
    from Gujarat
 •  Maj Gen Ashok K Mehta on
    Kargil to Kutch
 • Ravindra Parasnis wants
    the ex-servicemen called in
 • T V R Shenoy on govt
    sloth in Gujarat
 • Colonel Anil Athale on the
    unique babus from Kutch
 • Reeta Sinha wonders
    what took Atal so long
 • Saisuresh Sivaswamy on
    a task for the PM
 • Prem Panicker on
    cricket for Gujarat
 • Sucheta Dalal on
    disaster management
 • Anil Aggarwal on the govt
    being the murderer
 • Rajeev Srinivasan on
    what the thunder said
 • V Gangadhar on the
    Ahmedabad he knew
 • Dilip D'Souza on the
    Gujarat tragedy
 • Krishna Prasad on the
    same, old story

  Real Audioaudio
 • Kishor D Thakkar, 35
 • Belji Lalji Rabadia, 68
 • Urmilaben Joshi, Bhuj, 33
 • Neha S Visaria, 13
 • S P Gandhi, 55
 • Ajit Kothari on his
    8-month nephew

 • 'A few earthquakes on
    the Himalayan belt
    are possible