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Gujral goes ga-ga over Dr Abdul Kalam's secularism

He is a 'diamond'.

He is a living proof of what 'secularism can do for India and its people.'

He is the 'architect of India's missile programme.'

The 'he' of the topic, you must have guessed by now, is Defence Research and Development Organisation chief Dr Abdul Kalam. And the gushing compliments come from none other than Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral.

The place was Mewat, a Muslim-dominated region of Haryana, and Gujral was busy with the favourite hobby of all Indian politicians -- namely, laying a foundation stone.

He finished with the stone (and as stones go, this one was a whopper -- for a Rs 120 million hospital!), cleared his throat, and spoke aforementioned-ly about Dr Kalam.

"No matter what language a man speaks." the PM spoke on, "he will still understand the language of secularism."

He promised India would not be divided once again on religious grounds. "It is communal violence that's threatening the country," Gujral said, winding up his speech, "not any external factor."


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