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Hindu astrology and British elections

Written on May 2 at 2.30 am, based on BBC coverage

I am happy that my prediction about the British election has proved correct.

Using methods based on serious astrological research on elections in India, I had earlier made a prediction stating that there would be no mid-term poll in India. On March 18, using the scanty data available with me, I applied the same method to the British election. I made my predictions before the results of any opinion poll could prejudice my mind and affect my objectivity.

The television announced that elections to the British parliament would be held on May 1. Though I do not have the horoscopes of John Major and the political parties, a sound astrological analysis can still be made on the basis of the planetary position on May 1, 10 am, London.

With Gemini rising, Mars is in the third house aspecting the Moon in Aquarius. Saturn and Ketu, in the 10th house, represent the party in power while the 10th lord, Jupiter, represents John Major. The results of the opinion polls will be revealed in a few weeks; I am sure they will not have good tidings for the party in power.

It is not safe to make full-scale predictions on the basis of this scanty data. Yet, at a glance, it shows outright disgrace for Major. Add to this the little bit that can be gleaned from the monthly horoscope, and the overall picture seems heavily tilted against the party in power. In the Indian context, one is tempted to say that the elections would be heavily rigged. In Britain, whatever is nearest to rigging, violence and character assassination will take place.

According to the British exit polls results announced on 2.30 am, May 2, the Labour would poll 47 per cent, Conservatives 29 per cent and the Liberals, 18 per cent. With this equation, the tally of the Conservatives and Liberals will still be 47 per cent, which is equal to Labour's total predicted seats.

The astrological explanation is clear. The swing is said to be the largest after 1931, when Jupiter was opposing Saturn. Today, Ketu and Rahu have interchanged positions and Saturn and Mars are opposing each other. This combination unfailingly indicates change. Tony Blair is the youngest-ever prime minister of England in the last two centuries.

I had also said, Chances are England will remember it as the most awful election in recent decades. Which can only mean two things -- that the press will expose some scandal with international links or that the limelight will focus on a bank scandal or scam. What appears certain, though, is that the party in power, headed by John Major, will be defeated, perhaps rather humiliatingly.

Individual Conservative candidates have been accused of kissing night club hostesses in parks, of affairs with alcoholic women and of accepting 18,000 pounds for raising partisan questions in parliament. Neil Hamilton (Conservative) admitted to accepting many favours. Sir Michael Hirst (Labour) had an affair with a male researcher. The sex scandals provoked Major to remark, 'Don't they know there is a photographer behind every bush?'

What is the significance of the figure 18 for England? The Mahabharata has 18 cantos, the Gita 18 chapters. In astrology, Rahu has an 18 year dasha period and takes the same time to go around the 12 houses of the zodiac. The Conservatives in Canada came to grief after nine years, which is half the Rahu cycle. It is absolutely in harmony with Hindu astrology.

So, after 18 years, the Conservatives lost humiliatingly. I was pleased to see the BBC air a prediction about victory and psychic triumph for the Conservatives on April 30. Indian television would never do that.

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