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Laloo threatens to write a book... on CBI!

For some, the cramped confines of a lock-up would kill creativity. But for certain others, it spell great things.

Former Bihar chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav is one of the latter group -- for him, judicial custody means great things, creative things.

It is where he is going to let his imagination fly, his creativity loose. Soon.

"I am going to write a book," Laloo Yadav announced on Thursday, "to expose the Central Bureau of Investigation's vindicative attitude and its malafide intentions."

Cordoned by security personnel, Laloo Yadav was vociferous about his book on the CBI. It would reveal how the agency falsely implicated him in the fodder scam. It would expose the CBI, it would expose the conspiracy behind the move. It would expose the politicians behind the conspiracy...

It would expose a whole lot of things, in short.

"I will come back after proving my innocence. I will come back to fulfill my commitment to the people!" Laloo threatened.


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