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Burglar breaks into Chamling's house, leaves empty handed

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling is as accessible as the man on the street.

Or rather, his house is. And it was proved beyond doubt last weekend when a burglar (or were they more than one?) broke into his wellkept chambers at the state secretariat.

But, unlike most of his breed, our burglar was a very tidy fellow who wasn't at all interested in cash or other valuables.

His interest was files, yes, chief ministerial files -- and that was all he was interested.

So, leaving the rest of the house untouched, our man went through all the files and documents in Chamling's office. However, he did not find anything worthwhile taking.

"No document is missing," Chamling's secretary P T Cympth confirms.

Chamling, meanwhile, has not taken kindly to this unexpected identification with the common man. He filed an FIR with the police.


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