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Two acres, a general pardon, and Veerappan will worship Karunanidhi!

Infamed forest brigand Veerappan has decided what he will do after he comes out of the jungles.

He is going to run an orphanage for the deaf and dumb. On two acres of land in Hogenakkal which, he feels, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi should him.

Veerappan's plans -- nay, his plea to Karunanidhi -- came in the form of his now-famous video cassette. Brought by the state government's emissary and Nakkeeran editor R R Gopal who met him last week.

Veerappan, the cassette reveals, was ready to name the orphanage after the chief minister. Indeed, such is his respect for Karunanidhi that he even planned to erect a statue of the man and worship it daily!

All this, for two acres and a general amnesty.

Now, much depends on what Karunanidhi tells Gopal on Tuesday, when they meet to finalise the second round of 'peace' talks with Veerappan.

Veerappan threatens to behead hostages


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