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How a cobra brought AIR to earth

All India Radio's Gulbarga (in Karnataka) station announcer was up on air when a cobra decided to bring him to earth.

It crawled up the station steps, sneaked into his studio and made its presence known by a couple of majestic hisses.

The next thing anybody knew, the programme was off air.

For, the snake -- an inquisitive fellow -- undertook an exploratory journey of the studio. He crawled under tables, over wires and cables, unmindful of the people around -- he wasn't afraid of them; if they were afraid of him, well, tough luck!

He crawled on, heading straight for the anchor's chair. Which was more than what either the announcer or his cameramen could take. They air-navigated the room and, in 5 seconds flat, was out of the doors.

Once outside, it was a mad rush towards the nearest telephone. Soon, police and forest officials, armed with sticks and nets, rushed to the station. The next hour, they moved chairs, looked under tables and even rolled up the carpet (while the scheduled programme remained off air, and the station relayed Dharwad AIR).

But no luck! The slithery villain was nowhere to be found.

The brave officials looked some more, but the cobra remained unfound. Till, finally, it got tired of the game, crawled out from inside the toilet it was hiding and went its way!

The station resumed broadcast immediately.


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