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Crystal Ball/K N Rao

National debt will increase; inflation will spiral

Sitaram Kesri has become the leader of the Congress parliamentary party and Sharad Pawar has become party leader on the floor of the Lok Sabha. Both my predictions, made on December 22, have been fulfilled. And now, let's see what the New Year has to offer...

Bharatiya Janata Party

The BJP will continue to face internal problems, but it will not be the open dissension faced by other political parties. The party is in a belligerent mood and will, after February 11, get a chance to rehabilitate itself in the eye of the public as a representative of idealism.

Despite hovering around the seat of power, the BJP will gain only in Uttar Pradesh, where certain developments may allow it to share power. The decision to end president's rule and install a regular government might take place on the floor of the UP assembly in February.

Jupiter's transit

On December 26, last year, Jupiter moved into Makar. This is a bad sign for India. When Jupiter moved into Makar in 1962, we lost the war against China. The same thing happened in 1973, as a steep increase in inflation led to the consequent agitation by students of Gujarat and the movement by Jayprakash Narayan. Again, in early 1986, former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's reputation was ruined by the Bofors' arms scandal.

What will Jupiter do in 1997? History does not repeat itself; at least not in the same, exact pattern. But the changes that take place will do no credit to the central government. National debt will increase and inflation will spiral.

The new year

There is no astrological justification for making predictions on the basis of the horoscope of January 1 of any year. All that one can do is look at the planetary position on this day. Saturn and Ketu are placed in the seventh house and Mars and Rahu are quite close in degrees. On January 9, they will get dangerously close. In such situations, diseases spread, attempts are made on the lives of leaders and there is all round violence. Police and medical authorities will have to shoulder heavy responsibilities.

The Hindu new year (April 7)

If 1996 was bad, 1997 will be worse.

The year will face violent incidents. Delhi does not appear to be safe. Unless both the police and the citizens cooperate, terrorist activities in the capital will escalate into a serious problem. The epidemic that hit Delhi during the summer and monsoon seasons last year will return, causing even more deaths. The administration should concentrate on cleaning up the city briskly. Retrograde Mars with lagna is frightening.

The judiciary will be in a more aggressive mood. News will be created because of the confrontation between the parliament and the judiciary.

India will, like last year, be able to discover enormous underground wealth. Already, we have discovered one good gold belt and two diamond belts. Taking advantage of this astrological promise, it will be a good policy to give incentives for quick prospecting and mining. From 1998, India's economic position will improve enormously. Hence, we should not waste this year in mining available underground wealth to improve India's foreign exchange position.

Rahu's transit

Rahu will transit into Simha in mid-June and stay there for 18 months. During this period, another general election will be held. The next election will be held sometime around or after mid-1998, though the chances of an election are visible any time after October this year.


Violence, in Kashmir needs the nation's closest attention. On the basis of the rashi allotted to Kashmir by the late Hardeo Sharma Trivedi, the situation appears frightening.


The wish to see peace in and around Israel is going to be frustrated as never before. A war is in the offing. It seems ominous.


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