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 • 'There were summit wreckers
      on both sides'
    Dr Haroon Hameed
 • 'Atalji was on the offensive'
    Narendra Modi, BJP     spokesman
 • 'Kashmir is the central issue'
    Dr Farooq Abdullah
 • 'It's a lose-lose situation'
    Prof Naved Hasan
 • 'The last issue to be resolved'
    Prof Ashok Kapur
 • 'Musharraf has two options'
    Hamid Mir
 • 'Any agreement will be weighed
     against the memories of Kargil'
    Dr Rifaat Hussain
 • 'The summit is not a tamasha'
    Tarun Vijay editor, Panchjanya
 • Pakistan should learn to
     forget Kashmir'
    Seshadri Chari editor of the
    RSS weekly, Organiser
 • Vajpayee, Musharraf ideal to
     solve J&K tangle'
    Hurriyat chief Abdul Gani Bhat
 • 'Four gentlemen sat down
     for lunch and decided
     to invite Musharraf'
    Congress leader
    K Natwar Singh
 • 'Musharraf's performance is one
     of missed opportunities'
    Benazir Bhutto
 • 'A military regime is trained to
     capture, not give away'
     JNU Professor Kalim Bahadur
 • 'Talks will depend on the realism
     displayed by Musharraf'
     K Subrahmanyam
 • 'If North and South Korea could,
     why can't we talk on Kashmir?'
     Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

 • The lessons of Agra
      Francois Gautier
 • The hype has failed, let the talks
     G Parthasarathy
 • The Musharraf logic
      Kuldip Nayar
 • Kashmir at breakfast, lunch
     and dinner
     G Parthasarathy
 • A letter to Musharraf
     Arvind Lavakare
 • A few steps backwards
     Saisuresh Sivaswamy
 • Musharraf went for broke, and lost
     Kanchan Gupta
 • No fault of mine
     Dilip D' Souza
 • Mutually advantageous detente
     Ashwin Mahesh
 • The only solution
     Ashok Pandit
 • The Agra tea party
     T V R Shenoy
 • Labyrinth of indifference on J&K
     Arvind Lavakare
 • No ready cure for this cancer
     Arvind Lavakare
 • Our Freudian fixation for peace
     with Pakistan
     Arvind Lavakare
 • Sirs, why not arms control?
     Admiral (retd) J G Nadkarni
 • How far can Vajpayee
     and Musharraf go?
     T V R Shenoy
 • Operation Whitewash
     B Raman
 • High stakes and low expectations
     General (retd) V P Malik
 • Because it's their nature,
     their custom: why the Indo-Pak
     summit is doomed
     Rajeev Srinivasan
 • What is the validity of a
     Vajpayee-Musharraf deal?
     Amberish K Diwanji
 • Looking for peace on the
     Arabian Sea
     Admiral (retd) J G Nadkarni
 • 'We believe Vajpayee can deliver'
     Imtiyaz Alam
 • Waiting for Musharraf
     B Raman
 • The treacherous road to peace
     Saisuresh Sivaswamy
 • Internal security slips, but the
     red carpet is out
     G Parthasarathy
 • Internal security slips, but the
     red carpet is out
     G Parthasarathy
 • Tackle Mr Hyde, not Mush
     Arvind Lavakare
 • Supping with a rogue general
     Brahma Chellaney
 • This is not Nirvana
     G Parthasarathy
 • Gen Musharraf Sir, this is against
     your national interest
     Maj Gen (retd) Ashok K Mehta

Indo-pak summit 2001
• August 29, 2001
India again rejects J&K as 'core' issue

• August 26, 2001
Musharraf invites Vajpayee for meeting in New York

• August 20, 2001
'Pak will raise J&K issue at international fora'

• August 19, 2001
Musharraf ready to meet Vajpayee in NY

• August 16, 2001
India, Pakistan have agreed to broad framework for future talks: PM
No Proposal From India on Future Talks: Pak

• August 14, 2001
Musharraf's trip led to better awareness: Narayanan

• August 8, 2001
Pak flays PM, alleges rights abuses in J&K
Indo-Pak foreign secretaries to meet on Friday
India, Pak to hold centre-stage at SAARC meet

• August 7, 2001
Terrorism cannot be called jihad: PM
Agra summit thawed relations: Musharraf
Congress slams Vajpayee for Agra failure

• July 30, 2001
Pakistan afraid of people-to-people contact
Benazir for 'safe & open' Indo-Pak border

• July 29, 2001
I will visit Pakistan, insists prime minister

• July 28, 2001
'Musharraf not interested in peace with India'
'Vajpayee unlikely to visit Pak this year'

• July 27, 2001
Pakistan extends formal invitation to Vajpayee
Musharraf must respect Lahore and Simla: Benazir

• July 26, 2001
Indian hardliners to blame for summit failure: Musharraf
'We'll respond to CBMs on merit': Pak

• July 24, 2001
Govt slammed for summit 'failure'
India can't overlook cross-border terrorism: PM
India rejects US offer to mediate
China for 'just' solution to Indo-Pak problems

• July 23, 2001
Pakistan yet to send formal invitation to Vajpayee: PTI
PM should not visit Pakistan: RSS
India favours structured talks with Pakistan
Musharraf invited due to opposition pressure: BJP
Musharraf gets pesky reporter transferred
Finally, a politician who keeps promises
Indian, Pakistani officials may meet in Colombo
Pak women's team learns from Kerala

• July 22, 2001
PM blames Pakistan for deadlock
No trace of Indian PoWs: Pak
'Musharraf hurdle in finding a solution to Kashmir issue'

• July 21, 2001
Pak to release 25 Indian civilian prisoners
Formal Pak invitation to Vajpayee next week
US renews offer to mediate on Kashmir

• July 20, 2001
Straight shooting general aims at Kashmir
Congress, BJP tussle on Agra summit continues
Major cross-border infiltration in Kashmir
India rejects Musharraf's 'core' issue
No mediation needed at this stage, says Musharraf
No peace without Kashmir resolution: Musharraf
Our relatives are in Attock Fort: Families of PoWs
Sushma blames Musharraf for summit failure
Musharraf's haveli 'cleansed' with Ganga water
Positive signs for resumption of Indo-Pak talks: UK

• July 19, 2001
Agra spirit should be carried forward: Pak
No compromise on J&K, terrorism: PM
No Indian PoWs in our jails, Pak parrots an expected reply
Summit lacked structured agenda: Opposition
Upset Musharraf is still optimistic
Musharraf behaved like a commando: Gujral
Govt didn't prepare for the summit: V P Singh
Abdullah meets Advani

• July 18, 2001
TV responsible for summit letdown?
NDA approves Vajpayee's stand
India, Pak should continue dialogue: Hurriyat
NSC approves Musharraf's Agra stand
India rejects Pakistan's suggestion on future talks: PTI
Govt must probe Musharraf-Hurriyat meet: Panun
Advani promises action against terrorists
Pak revives demand for Hurriyat visit
Pak apologises for journalists' misbehaviour
Editors' meet makes Musharraf a hero back home
More violence likely in J&K: Malik
Continue dialogue, urges Kofi Annan
Congressman Gilman slams Pakistan, China
Vajpayee calls another all-party meeting on summit
Vajpayee may visit Pakistan before November: Sondhi

• July 17, 2001
'Musharraf and Vajpayee share a common vision'
'No compromise', BJP's damage control mantra
Sushma came to Agra on PM's request
PM apprises Council of Ministers
US encourages India, Pakistan
Pakistan's unifocal approach derailed summit, says Jaswant
We were close to a breakthrough: Sattar
Text of Jaswant Singh's statement
Details of Jaswant Singh's press conference
India to implement unilateral CBMs
'Prophets of doom' to blame: Bhat
Disappointed US keeps a safe distance
Nobody expected a miracle: Deve Gowda
Agra summit betrayed us: PoK groups
J&K not a dispute: Congress
India's inflexibility caused summit failure: Pakistan
Pakistan orders search for Indian PoWs
I am not disappointed, says Farooq
'No one can visit Garib Nawaz without his call'
Jaswant rules out third-party mediation
Kashmiri Pandits want govt to learn lessons from Agra
Pak parties say Musharraf was bound to fail
Kashmiris disappointed with summit failure
Failure of Agra summit unfortunate: Omar
Congress knives out on summit failure
CPI-M blames Swaraj's faux pas for breakdown

• July 16, 2001
India, Pak trip on contentious issues
Musharraf lands in Islamabad
Hizb threatens to escalate violence in J&K
A public relations disaster for India
Summit fails, Musharraf leaves for home
Parties react cautiously to summit failure
A single phrase brought the house down
Pakistan blames India for summit failure
Babus have sabotaged summit: Bhat
Dargah authorities disappointed
Vajpayee seeks release of PoWs, Musharraf promises action
Pak-based militant groups harden stand on Kashmir
Shiv Sainiks burn Pak flag
Agra summit runs into same old wall -- Kashmir
Pakistan accuses India of adopting delaying tactics
Musharraf 'homeless' get succor
Monument of love overwhelms military ruler
'Cross-border terrorism must stop'
Menu, not summit, grips UK media
Musharraf calls off Ajmer visit
10 protestors held outside Musharraf's hotel
Kashmir omission not deliberate: Sushma
No CBMs till Kashmir is solved: Musharraf
Shahi Imam challenges Geelani on Kashmir
'Bahut Lajawab', says a dazzled First Lady
Talks put Indo-Pak ties on track: Indian officials
Musharraf's lack of mandate will dent any Agra accord: Benazir
Armymen die in Kashmir violence
Musharraf blindslides Vajpayee with media blitz
Agra declaration being prepared, says Pak officer
Kashmir impasse dampens Agra mood
Summit dialogues sinking in Yamuna: Panthers party
Black flags for Musharraf in Jaipur
Musharraf seeks touch of divine in Ajmer
The ups and downs of Indo-Pakistan trade
Third round of talks end