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September 08, 2008
Advani, the lion in winter
'This is not the party I knew... it has changed so much,' he said wistfully.
August 05, 2008
Jammu's Hindu uprising
What we are witnessing in Jammu is a Hindu intifada: The young and old, men and women, youth and children are locked in an unequal battle with the police -- and, since Friday, the army -- demanding the immediate revocation of the government order cancelling the transfer of 800 kanals of land to the Sri Amarnath Shrine Board.
July 21, 2008
Will nuclear power benefit the masses?
'We are being told that to cushion our energy needs from the volatile oil market, we need nuclear power. That's hogwash: Our power sector is not dependent on oil.'
December 24, 2007
Idols are better vote-getters than ideology
'Cynicism does not necessarily fetch votes, nor does mindless populism. Good governance, strong leadership and a squeaky clean image now command a premium.'
June 05, 2005
Advani's Jinnah never existed
'Mr Advani could have calmed the disquiet by offering an explanation -- he owes it to the country and to the party, in that order -- but he did not do so.'
June 02, 2005
Communal truth, secular lies
'Crass pandering to fundamentalism comes easily to the Congress and its cheer leaders in the CPI-M.'
May 25, 2005
Dr Singh and Mr Hyde
'Rather than stand up to Lalu and the Marxists, he chose to toe the line of least resistance.'
May 16, 2005
India's curse: The unprincipled babu
'No matter how corrupt politicians may be, if bureaucrats are upright, then corruption can't flourish.'
May 09, 2005
Secular? That's a laugh
'We have a fast-unfolding situation where the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board is setting up sharia courts as a parallel system of justice.'
April 28, 2005
Let them eat plastic bags!
'Development and economics have been squeezed out of Bihar's socio-political lexicon by crime, corruption and caste.'
April 19, 2005
India mute on Jeevan Kumar's slaughter
'The widow and three-year-old daughter of the BSF's Jeevan Kumar can shed bitter tears. But they are of little concern to imperial Delhi.'
April 14, 2005
Harsh lessons for BJP, RSS
'It makes little sense for Advani to persist with the fiction that all is fine with the BJP.'
April 07, 2005
Jihadis score a blast of a hit
'Even as jihadis are sniggering up their Kalashnikov nozzles, the UPA is embracing them as "our brothers". '
March 28, 2005
US tells India, drop dead
'If it chooses to be charmed by the Americans, then India might as well become another client state of the US like Pakistan.'
March 21, 2005
Callous US, guilty Bush
'Musharraf would not be a welcome guest in Washington if the US had taken its freedom of religion report on Pakistan as seriously as it has taken the bunkum about religious freedom in India.'
March 17, 2005
Mr Chatterjee's hour of loneliness
'Those who swear by Chatterjee's integrity will point out that if he were helping the Congress, then Sonia wouldn't have left him high and dry.'
March 10, 2005
The false gods of secular India
'In 1989, he was relentless in his assault on the Congress. Now he is an ardent supporter of Soniaji.' Guess who?
March 03, 2005
The marauders of democracy
'Democracy is being increasingly imperilled, make no mistake.'
February 21, 2005
Goodbye, Kashmir!
'Why have we agreed to open our doors to Jihad Incorporated?'
February 10, 2005
Paswan's Laden in Lalu's Bihar
'There is something perverse about popular Muslim response to minorityism.'
February 04, 2005
The Pandits: Dole and despair
The current dispensation in Delhi is only echoing the callous indifference towards the plight of Kashmiri Pandits that has been the official policy of at least five different Union governments in these 15 years of their forced exile.
January 19, 2005
19/01/90: When Kashmiri Pandits fled Islamic terror
Their tragic tale that has been all but wiped out from public memory.
January 10, 2005
Party time for the UN
All those who have pledged money to help the survivors of Black Sunday, Kofi Annan has been quick to tell them in Jakarta, should pay up and pay up fast. The party has begun, the bills can't be allowed to pile up.
December 30, 2004
Abysmal failure to check nature's fury
'A sense of misplaced pride in our ability and the outmoded slogan of self-reliance kept India out of the Pacific arrangement.'
December 21, 2004
Why treat kids as criminals?
'The current clampdown is similar to the manner in which antediluvian theocracies deal with social problems. It is at total variance with how modern democracies tackle similar issues.'
December 17, 2004
Kyunki BJP bhi kabhi different thi
'The BJP leadership has become desperately dependent on showboys and showgirls.'
December 06, 2004
King America's amoral queen
'With its exalted status as America's ally, Pakistan is entitled to participate in US research projects to improve conventional defence capabilities, US war reserve stockpiles on its territory and purchase depleted uranium ammunition.'

November 25, 2004
Naxals, India's enemy within
'The 'Red Corridor' unites the left-extremists of India with their comrades in Nepal. It covers 155 districts in India, that is nearly a quarter of our national territory.'

November 19, 2004
UN's favourite terrorist is dead
'Arafat's life was spent on fighting for Palestinian land, not for Palestinian lives.'

November 11, 2004
BJP does not need enemies
'The obvious task for the BJP is to reinvent itself, and redefine the contours of its ideology, to address the concerns of a new India.'

November 01, 2004
Light a candle for 4,733 Sikhs
'Those who survived the pogrom of 1984, haunted by nightmares of a genocide the world has forgotten, wipe their tears in silence.'

October 25, 2004
Truth clouded by heavy shades of grey
'The unkindest cut comes in the form of P C Alexander blaming Operation Bluestar on General Vaidya who is accused of planning and executing the offensive on the basis of inaccurate and poor intelligence.'

October 18, 2004
BJP snatched defeat from victory
'It has become a prisoner of individual aspirations far removed from the popular imagination that is being increasingly captured by Sonia and her Congress.'

October 11, 2004
Say yes to the FBI!
'By accepting the American offer of help, we will add real value to our counter-terrorism efforts.'

September 30, 2004
Gen Musharraf has finessed us, and we are happy!
'No amount of official sophistry can hide the fact that Musharraf has returned home with much more than he had hoped for, and now can look forward to further capitulation by those who think out of the box.'

July 17, 2001
Musharraf went for broke, and lost in Agra
'His insistence on painting in black and white the complex problems plaguing India-Pakistan relations may have endeared him to hardliners in Pakistan, but has left practitioners of diplomacy aghast.'

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