September 29, 2010
How Lalit Bhanot can help Sulabh Sauchalaya
People like Bhanot have uses; we just know how to spot the opportunities and use them. Since he knows the difference between the world's best sanitation habits and those in India, we should use him, says Mahesh Vijapurkar.
September 27, 2010
AFSPA: Soldiers clear, but is everyone else?
'Today's terrorist/insurgent/militant/Naxalite does not allow you the luxury of a magistrate's presence -- you are shot dead or blown-up in a jiffy, unless you are quicker and forestall him.' Despite the US, India leans towards Iran
'With China investing in Iran's energy sector, India cannot afford to lag behind.'
September 27, 2010
Do the CWG organisers have national pride?
'The head of the Organising Committee and of the Delhi administration were both blue-eyed individuals of the ruling Congress party. For the Congress, they can do no wrong.'
September 26, 2010
How China is helping Pak in Gilgit-Baltistan
Chinese authorities have been highlighting two path-breaking aspects of their assistance for flood relief to Pakistan, which started on August 1, 2010, and continues since then.The first is the value of the assistance, which has already reached US $ 250 million (pledges plus actual amount). This includes a sum of US $ 200 million pledged by Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 22.
September 24, 2010
Jama Masjid shooting: Case for extraordinary vigil
The firing incident in New Delhi and the explosion of a car should serve as a warning to security agencies, says Wilson John.
September 22, 2010
Will CWG failure be Manmohan Singh's legacy?
From this point it really doesn't matter whether Sheila Dixit or Suresh Kalmadi retain their jobs or M S Gill and Jaipal Reddy must also bear equal responsibility. The damage has been done, says M K Bhadrakumar.
September 21, 2010
Building the Ram temple in Ayodhya is possible
'If the Sangh Parivar is actually interested in constructing a Ram temple in Ayodhya why doesn't it do so on the land owned by the VHP?' What India needs to do to make the CWG safe
Strategic expert B Raman examines the possible threats to the Commonwealth Games and how the various security agencies can tackle them.
September 20, 2010
Time for PM to say 'No azaadi'
Frankly, who does Dr Singh want to talk to and what is his big magical prescription for a Kashmir 'breakthrough'? How to defuse the Ayodhya crisis
'If ever there was a case for the government to use its power to issue an ordnance and take pre-emptive action, this is it.' The shocking neglect of Baloch flood victims
Dr Jumma Khan Marri on the pathetic conditions of the flood-affected people of Balochistan. IM mail hints at act of suicide terrorism
B Raman decodes the email sent allegedly by the Indian Mujahideen after the attack on tourists outside Jama Masjid in New Delhi.
September 19, 2010
View: Don't dismiss the Jama Masjid firing lightly
While there is no need for any panic, B Raman states that any casual approach to the firing outside the Jama Masjid in New Delhi would be unwise.
September 17, 2010
Can court verdict resolve Ayodhya dispute?
We can wait with bated breaths for the Allahabad High Court verdict slated for September 24 but that is not going to put to rest this controversy, says Vivek Gumaste
September 16, 2010
Was re-electing Manmohan Singh a big mistake?
UPA-2 seems to have completely lost direction in almost every single way be it in governance, national security, internal security, development initiatives, poverty alleviation and corruption eradication, says Pramod Kumar Buravalli. Send Kalam, Aamir, Sri Sri to Kashmir!
'Sadly, we don't have a single political leader in any party who carries any kind of conviction in Kashmir.'
September 15, 2010
Reconciliation government may help Kashmir
Security expert A S Dulat suggests that a government of reconciliation with Kashmir's mainstream political parties could help begin a dialogue with New Delhi and later the separatists. The Congress needs to let go of the levers of power in the troubled state. On corruption, Moily is utterly wrong
Corruption is all-pervasive in Indian society and it's a surprise that the Union law minster does not see it that way, writes Mahesh Vijapurkar. Stone pelting: Jihad's new weapon
The jihadis use stone throwing to draw fire from the security forces and cause casualties so that Kashmir is on the boil for a little longer. The solution to the turmoil is not concessions, but good governance.
September 14, 2010
Kashmir imbroglio: The China connection
With China hardening its stance on the Kashmir issue, India now should be rethinking on appropriate policy options on Tibet, Taiwan or even on Xinjiang, says China expert Srikanth Kondapalli.
September 13, 2010
Dr Sethna: Firebrand who realised India's N-dreams
A N Prasad pays tribute to Dr Homi Sethna, one of the pioneers of India's nuclear programme, who passed into the ages recently. Dr Singh is no 'sanyasi' to kick the PM's chair
'There are people who believe that behind the prime minister's goody-goody exterior lurks a calculating man plotting each move carefully in order to emerge on top of every situation.'
September 09, 2010
'A strand of Indian culture we call tolerance'
Internal security is related to an attack on a strand of Indian culture, Minister of State for Home Ajay Maken told the Conference on Homeland Security in New Delhi on September 6, 2010
September 08, 2010
Why India cannot take on China
'History and China's recent behaviour makes it clear that China will not rise peacefully.' Why Singh is not King!
'What India needs more than anything else is an in-command Singh, who assiduously shepherds a difficult slippery path with good footwork and adroit balance. Instead we have a hamstrung leader struggling with a difficult diverse set of issues.' Chinese string of pearls could choke India
A regional power struggle between India and China, however muted be it, will be more and more evident as China pushes the envelope to be a greater global player. India must prepare for it, says Brigadier S K Chatterji (retd).
September 07, 2010
Column: Poor Manmohan Singh!
'Singh has two options. Either he asserts the authority of his office or makes way for someone who is not a proxy for the Family and can command the Congress Parliamentary Party's loyalty.'
September 06, 2010
AFSPA's demise will be a victory for terrorists
The shrill politically-driven rhetoric demanding that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act be repealed, if allowed to hold sway, may drive us deeper into the dark world of both Islamist terror and the Maoist insurgency, warns Brigadier S K Chatterji (retd). Pakistan: How politics fuels Shia-Sunni divide
Apart from religious hatred that makes it kosher for the Sunnis to massacre the Shias, the targeting of Shias serves a political objective of the Islamists in destabilising the Pakistani state. As a result, the Sunni extremists are killing two birds with one stone, says Sushant Sareen. Some questions for 'tribal soldier' Rahul Gandhi
Environment struggles are now being used to create political space and new form of vote bank politics, alleges BJP activist Bhupender Yadav.
September 03, 2010
Why Sonia's fourth coronation is not a good thing
India would earn the dubious distinction of being the world's largest democracy that is propped by a clutch of political parties totally bereft of democracy within them, says Inder Malhotra. The Maoists are watching television, too
B Raman feels one has to emphasise the importance of balance in the television discussions while the hostage-taking situation continues.
September 02, 2010
Pakistani floods: A win-win for the US?
M K Bhadrakumar says helping Pakistan with flood relief may help America win some hearts and minds in that country. EVM row: Shooting the messenger won't help
Rajeev Srinivasan on how EVM problems are much bigger than technology or politics. Second and final part of the series. Why Sonia's fourth term is not a happy occasion
Sonia Gandhi's unopposed election as Congress president not points to a woeful paucity of leadership material, it also underlines the disturbing presence of feudal characteristics which cannot be welcomed in a democracy, says Amulya Ganguli.
September 01, 2010
Is Russia bound by the Nuclear liability law?
What is in store for the Koodankulam nuclear power plants, asks S P Udayakumar. The real issue with Electronic Voting Machines
Rajeev Srinivasan on how EVM problems are much bigger than technology or politics.
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