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After saffron Holi, saffron Onam isn't far

March 11, 2017 21:25 IST

Tarun Vijay on why the victory in Uttar Pradesh belongs to Narendra Modi and the road ahead.

BJP celebration

IMAGE: A BJP supporter celebrates the party's electoral victories, March 11, 2017. Photograph: Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters


Accept the truth. The victory in Uttar Pradesh belongs to the chosen disciple of Kashi Viswanath -- Narendra Bhai.

The rest of us were simply trying to follow the indefatigable bundle of immense energy who never showed a moment of tiredness or left anything to tomorrow.

He wants everything done with finesse, commitment and now. Actually, preferably yesterday.

He is the hero of our times, who has dwarfed all the leaders of the past seven decades with his focussed attention on the war on the corrupt and the Sabka-Saath-Sabka Vikas mantra of development.

A new anthem of togetherness has been created.

Modi's campaign is a matter of research for the best minds in the Western world.

He represents all that was trying to find a voice in the past many centuries.

He represents the pains and the dreams of a common kisaan, the housewife, the student and the honest, hardworking Indian who wants to live as a proud Indian and see his India as the greatest.

He wants to see that the wrong doer is treated harshly and punished, and that the Indian tricolour and its saviours -- the soldiers -- respected.

The secular media did just the opposite, shielding the family fiefdoms and helping the Tricolour burners.

The sickening sights of people living and dying on the footpaths, the corrupt flourishing as if no law can ever touch them, black-marketeers happily funding politics and buying safety, Dalits being taken for a ride by their branded leaders who trade election tickets in open auctions, and turning the Dalit-Mulsim-Yadav politics into a family business empire and calling it a democracy -- people saw it but had no alternative.

Modi represents the persecuted and the mocked-at nationalists.

Nationalism was never a bad word in India till the Communists became guardians of the intellectual centres.

The nationalists are Hindus and Muslims alike -- they want to live in harmony and peace and in a spirit of togetherness, which was intermittently disturbed by the Communists, the secular media -- which earned the title of 'Hate-Hindus to become a certified secular.'

Hindus saw themselves being killed by the Marxists in Chhattisgarh and in Kerala for just being what they are -- proud nationalists.

In the nine months of the CPI-M rule in Kerala, 11 Hindu workers were hacked to death and nothing happened to the media sensitivities; it was as if they deserved to be killed.

Hindus are being made to leave their home and hearth from Kashmir to Kairana. They see contempt for their culture and the civilisation, which remains the best guarantee to safeguard the rights of the every single minority.

Make Hindus a minority and all you get is a Pakistan.

It has become fashionable to hit at Hindus the hardest way and then laugh it away.

See how they sarcastically commented on Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe performing aarti at the Ganga Ghats in Varanasi. Why? Why are Hindus treated with such contempt?

Modi changed it all.

Speak of development: Garibi has no religion. A poor Muslim has the same concerns for his daughter and son as a poor Hindu.

Deliver honestly: The Ganga waters don't ask the religion of the thirsty.

The Muslims are as sick of corrupt politicians as the Hindus and others are.

So, the language of the ruler should be humble, polite and he must win the trust of the people.

He must also be ruthless and merciless to the corrupt and the black-marketers.

He must provide security and punish the wrong doer whether he is from across the border or from within.

Don't ever make Muslims feel that you are trying to get their votes by being lenient to terrorists. They have no sympathy for those who are traitors to the nation.

Muslims are as much Indian as Hindus and others are.

Modi became an icon of all that is right, all that is honest, all that is transparent and all that requires to be unpardonably harsh to the wrongdoer.

The surgical strike was mocked at by the media and the leaders who had become habituated to living with terror and had remained silent on the corrupt. People saw them.

With demonetisation too, it was the same story.

The common person, the poor, were happy to see that at least here is a leader who has shown the guts to take on the corrupt rich, the ugly moneybag, the arrogant and dishonest political-player.

The common people faced hardship, but became supporters of Modi seeing an honest motive in his eyes.

They read him. They understood his heart's feeling and shared their dreams.

UP had everything at stake.


Humiliation of Hindus.

Dividing the political scene on communal lines.

A buffalo becoming more important for the khaki-donning soldiers than the lives of the common people.

Showing extra affection for the dreaded don of Benaras -- the notorious Ansari.

Announcing not the list of the candidates, but the number of Muslims as candidates.

The family feud of 'uncle, aunty, and the outsider interventionists ' was a cruel joke on the polity we hastily describe as democracy.

The media became a political opposition to Modi, reviving the bitter, coloured reporting of the time when Gujarat faced the tirade of the secular Taliban.

Anything, everything, whatever could come their way was used as a missile, a continuous barrage of offence was launched to 'save the nation' -- read their last crumbling empire of hate and ideological apartheid.

Many of them declared that Punjab was going the Aam Aadmi Party way and coined names like 'Arvind Singh Kejriwal' proving their loyalties in a brazen way.

Good that their paid journalism fell flat.

The road ahead is and will always remain challenging.

Modi has set the new time for India.

All the residual garbage and the burden of the colonial past must give way to a new vibrant India where no one is illiterate and no one poor.

We never were like that. That's why foreigners attacked us; no one attacks a poor, hapless land.

The most savage of them being the British who eradicated the entire Indian education system -- we were 90 per cent literate before they subjugated us (read The Beautiful Tree by Dharam Pal), created a famine that saw 3 million of our ancestors die, looted our wealth and raised a mechanism to have the most de-Indianised people created to work against the ethos of their own nation.

For them, the patriotic Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a threat and the divisive Muslim League and Geelani's Hurriyat represent voices of freedom. They can't have a place here.

Modi's march ahead is to create a nation that has a place of pride in the world, is feared by the wrongdoer and trusted by friends, sees no Indian through the prism of religion or caste or parochialism or any vote bank, but gives supreme importance to being an Indian.

He wants to create a nation where no Indian farmer is forced to take his life and votes are not bound to the politics of caste, religion and money-booze play.

That's the India Modi is set to create.

After the saffron Holi, the next step, very soon, will be to be a saffron Pongal and a saffron Onam.

All we can do is do our bit, do whatever we are doing with a sense of nationalism and patriotism, with a sense of love for all Indians and a powered punch to the traitors.

Their days are ending soon, and a new India is on the rise.

Tarun Vijay is a former Bharatiya Janata Party member of the Rajya Sabha and a member of the BJP national executive.

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Tarun Vijay