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'These terrorists won't even find place in hell'

Last updated on: December 17, 2014 16:42 IST

'No religion sanctions what happened in that school in Peshawar. What happened there was a crime against humanity.'

In a voice full of anguish, first time Member of Parliament and actress Kirron Kher speaks of the tragedy that stuck Pakistan on December 16.

The heartbreaking sight of a child injured in the Peshawar school attack

Image: A child injured in the Taliban attack on the Peshawar school is rushed to a hospital.
Photograph: Fayaz Aziz/Reuters

It is heart-wrenching, heartbreaking, horrifying. 141 children murdered in cold blood!

What kind of inhuman devils are they that they could go into a school and do something like this?

Are they not fathers? Have they no sisters and brothers? Do they not have children?

What cause is big enough for anyone to do something like this?

Even if they say they have a cause, what religion can prompt something like this? I don't believe that any religion in the world can say you have to kill, and that too little children.

How many lives have been permanently scarred!

The children who survived must be in such a terrible state of shock. Becharon ki halat kya hogi (They must be in such a terrible condition)! So many kids shot in the legs, shot in the arms, never able to play games again.

We don't even know the real extent of what has happened.

Each and every family that is going through this tragedy... only they know the real horror of what has happened.

Life is finished for those people jinke bachche gaye (who have lost their children). The pain will remain with them forever.

It crushes your heart jab ek bachche ki bhi jaan jaati hai (when even one child loses their life). Somebody had tweeted -- and it was a heartwrenching tweet -- that the smallest coffins are the heaviest to bear.

It is the worst tragedy that I have seen. Frighteningly, frighteningly evil. Such a wanton waste.

These terrorists won't even find place in hell.

Duniya ko kya ho gaya hai (What is wrong with this world)?

All these terrorist organisations -- kya hain yeh insaan (What kind of people are they)? Jaanwar bhi nahi hain (They are not even animals). Even animals will not do such a thing.

No religion -- not Hindu, not Muslim, not Sikh, not Christian -- sanctions what happened in that school in Peshawar. What happened there was a crime against humanity.

Nobody wants terrorism. Everyone wants peace. Everyone wants to live and let live.

After working a long day, all you want to do is come home, relax, be with your family, have a good night's sleep. You want to have a good laugh. You want to be at peace.

Kirron Kher