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April 27, 2006

India has sold its nuclear soul to the US
Brahma Chellaney's column where he argues that the n-deal with US will degrade India's strategic deterrent

September 27, 2002

Let Pakistan not set the agenda!
'It is testament to the timidity of the Indian State that Pakistan is able to up the ante through ridiculous demands and then cast India as the obstructionist.'

May 21, 2002

Why India can't back off now
'India cannot indefinitely stay stuck in a position in which it can neither wage war nor pursue peace. To put a halt to Pakistan's undeclared war, India will have to stay the present course, even if means open war.'

November 20, 2001

Pakistan's uncertain future
'After being a major power broker and then an imperial power in Afghanistan, Pakistan today stands completely isolated. Such is its isolation, with no Afghan faction wanting to be associated with it, that Pakistan has become a political liability.'

October 15, 2001

Powell will get an earful in New Delhi
'There is no way Vajpayee can reopen talks with a murderous dictator. The Americans should realise Vajpayee has no desire to commit political harakiri.'

July 13, 2001

How Musharraf outwitted India
'The events since 1999 have shown that, instead of getting out of the Pakistan trap, India is intent on getting deeper into the Pakistan trap. The Pakistan trap has slowed, if not obstructed, India's rise as a global power.'

June 15, 2001

The red star hangs over Nepal
'Whatever the truth behind the palace bloodbath, the advantage now lies with the communist extremists.'

May 31, 2001

Supping with a rogue general
'Vajpayee's call to the rogue general to walk the "high road with us" insults the memory of brave Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in evicting the Pakistani invaders.'

May 04, 2001

The Bush Advantage
'India is right to take a supportive view of George Bush's missile-defence plan. US missile defences will not threaten India's security but could yield potential benefits. The action-reaction cycle triggered by missile defences is likely to drive India closer to the United States.'

April 05, 2001

The Clinton shadow over India
'Bill Clinton and Atal Bihari Vajpayee epitomise the attrition of political ethics and the fall of leadership standards in the world.'

March 26, 2001

An irreparably damaged PM
'Vajpayee will find it difficult to break free from his troubles. His government was not elected to pursue political standards of the Congress and Laloo Yadav type. It was elected to provide good and clean governance.'

January 25, 2004

Setting Agni on Li Peng's tail
'If India wanted, it could have waited for Li's flight to take off for Beijing before firing the missile. But obviously it wanted to convey a message -- India is determined to build a credible minimal nuclear deterrent.'

January 15, 2001

The People's Liberation Army is the main obstacle to a stable relationship with Beijing
'It would be more profitable for India to find a way to deal directly with the PLA top brass than with an aging and tainted hatchet man who appears to have outlived his utility.'

December 18, 2000

Clinton's parting gift to Asia
'China's assertive efforts to alter Asia's balance of power in its favour, including through missiles, can only be countered by the United States. Yet, as he leaves office, Clinton has again shown his weakness for the Beijing dictators.'


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