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India's N-tests anger Israel

None of us wants to mediate in Kashmir, says US

India looking forward to Clinton's visit, says PM

Pak scientists tells Jane's they need 60-70 N-warheads for deterrent value

Pakistan calls for third party mediation to resolve disputes

Agenda For A Post-Nuclear Vajpayee

India sends its diplomats far and wide to argue its case

G-8 Plus to discuss nuclear tests on Friday, sans India and Pakistan

Kissinger argues for progressive lifting of sanctions

India will sign CTBT if P5 guarantees disarmament

National Conference decries US hand in J&K affairs

Chirac airs differences with US over sanctions

SAARC summit on July 9-11, all eyes on India and Pakistan

EU sanctions tempered by Pakistan's fragile economy

Jaswant Singh all set to become Vajpayee's foreign minister

EU readies for punitive action against Pakistani tests

Vajpayee rejects security council admonishment on J&K

Indo-Pak tension will not derail SAARC summit, says Lanka

Bomb-drunk Pakistanis wake up to the reality of emergency

Sharief collects assurances of help during Gulf visit

Our nukes are not for aggression, says Sharief

UNESCO chief asks India, Pakistan to divert resources to development

Singhal reiterates resolve to erect temple at Pokhran

Republican leaders promise a fair probe into technology transfers to China

Solve Kashmir first, Sharief tells India

Primakov moots new mechanism to resolve Indo-Pak disputes

Fernandes now turns to the US, tells it to lay off Indo-Pak problems

India accuses Security Council of overstepping its authority

India, Pak offer to resume talks with each other

Having won the diplomatic war, India now looks to win the peace

Start talking, P-5 tells India, Pak

The P-5 joint communique

Partition Jammu and Kashmir: Palkhivala

Dutch govt blocks 'strategic' Pak-bound shipments

'Pak blasts may have set off Afghan quake'

'Pak will produce M-11 missiles in a year'

Mahatma was against third party mediation

Halt tests, weaponisation: P5

P-5 gets down to defusing tension in the subcontinent

Vajpayee calls for global meet on disarmament

India reiterates stand on third-party mediation

'We hope the views of a responsible, sober country like India will be kept in mind in Geneva'

Trishul takes to the seas, Agni to get more fire

Russia wants Kashmir resolved as per Simla agreement

No confrontation with China, says MEA

'India has become the target of US, China and Pak'

US continues to preach to India, tags along Pak for good measure

Iran minister calls for positive response to Indo-Pak crisis

Chinese ship carrying armaments to Pak comes under US surveillance

Pak N-programme received boost during Reagan years

People from the land of the Buddha and Gandhi should talk about de-weaponisation, says Dandavate

The BJP's Monumental Blunder

'It would be a mistake to embark on largescale manufacture of nuclear weapons'

Pokhran II told both Islamabad and Beijing that deterrence is a two-way street

Govt launches major diplomatic offensive ahead of G-8, P-5 meets

India rejects third-party mediation offer

US promises to work for peace in south Asia

CIA has no spies worthy of the name in India: report

India calls for nuclear weapons convention

Netanyahu's cars may have scared Pak

Russia won't cancel defence deals with India

India to appraise Thailand of regional security scenario

India should launch diplomatic drive against 'multi-lateralising' issues, says Gujral

Tit-for-tat N-tests bring Kashmir back on international agenda

US prods Security Council into discussing Kashmir on Thursday

PM tells P-5 to stop sermonising, eliminate N-weapons

Brajesh Mishra sent to France for damage control

China blasts India for arms race

US-based Kashmiris fear war in the Valley

Wisner defends showing satellite photo to Narasimha Rao's aide

NYT report highlights Chinese contribution to Pakistani bomb

Stop N-tests, disarmament conference tells India, Pak

'Pakistani nuclear bombs are a threat to Pakistan: Michael Krepon

Parliament goes ballistic over attack on Indian diplomat

Pak rejects India's no-first-use proposal

Pak tests way behind ours, says Fernandes

Pak tests inconsequential, suggest experts

We can deploy nuclear weapons in days: A Q Khan

India appeals for just global framework

Bomb backlash hits Indian pilgrims

Nuclear tests: The balance sheet

Pakistan conducts another nuclear test

Blasts blow up Indo-Pak peace initiative

India will not go back on moratorium

No more tests: President

Pakistan promises to match any Indian threat with ''vengeance''

'India wants friendship with Pakistan. India wants to be a good neighbour'

Pak tests highlight failure of Clinton's non-proliferation policy: US congressman

'By acquiring nuclear capability we can exert our influence more effectively in bringing about disarmanent'

No arms race in the region: Krishan Kant

'India and Pakistan need skillful diplomacy'

G-8 foreign ministers to discuss N-tests

Pak conducted only one test on Thursday: experts

US scrambles to restore peace in South Asia

UN urges India, Pakistan to sign arms control treaties

World hesitates as US, Japan, Canada slap sanctions on Pakistan

Pak has shown no regard for world opinion, says Britain

Emergency also meant to protect economy, says Pak finance minister

Crippling sanctions dampen N-bomb euphoria in Pakistan

US ambassador to return to New Delhi

Pak may have nuke heads for M-11 missiles

No security threat when I stepped down: Gujral

Deve Gowda blasts Vajpayee for dumping 'consensus'

'Moratorium' announcement shows govt had no clue about Pak tests: Congress

Swadeshi violence against MNCs condemned

Sign no-first-use agreement now, Benazir tells India, Pak

Army forces herdsmen out of Chagai hills

Pak's N-programme is more sophisticated than India's: Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan'

India and Pakistan have bought a certain symmetry in the world: J N Dixit

Did Washington leak Vajpayee's letter to the press?

'We are concerned at the help China is extending Pakistan'

Vajpayee renews no-first-use offer to Pak

India's N-tests hit diplomatic, defence ties

President confident of amity in region

Fernandes blasts "India specific" Pak tests

It is now Gohar's turn to rattle sabres

Pak preparing for more tests: US intelligence

'It is extremely curious, isn't it, that no technical details regarding these tests have been released?'

Western experts sceptical of Pak claims

Pak bomb righted balance: Indian analysts

Despite the deja vu, American policy-makers stunned by Pak tests

For Cold War players, it is action-replay time

US carrots and sticks failed to contain Pak

Clinton, Yeltsin to stay in close touch

US betrays pro-Pak tilt

Britain to withdraw envoy to Pakistan

Germany freezes aid to Pakistan

NATO condemns Pak N-tests

EU flays Pakistani N-tests

Pak bomb threat to Israel: Moynihan

Banks remain closed in Pakistan

Pakistan is gripped by Friday spirit

'It will be difficult to resume meaningful talks for another two-three months'

Mulayam seeks Vajpayee's resignation

Thackeray accuses US of using Pak to trip India

Greenpeace International urges India, Pak to sign CTBT

'Each crisis from now on will have a nuclear edge'

Pakistan tests five nuclear devices

Nawaz Sharief's speech in Real Audio

Pak ready to arm Ghauri, says PM

Pak N-tests created 'new situation': PM

Pak ready now for no-aggression pact, says minister

Pakistan's tests have nothing to do with India: President

Army chief punches holes in Pak war hysteria

Pakistan fears Indian attack on N-installations

Pak spreading canards about attack on N-plants: India

In the end it boiled down to the fear of annihilation

'Nawaz Sharief had no choice'

Defence sources say China's hand is evident in Pak tests

Indian scientists say they expected Pak N-tests

Nuclear race possible in south Asia

BJP readies for flak on triggering off N-race

US brushes aside no-first-use offer, sets three conditions for India

Clinton's visit to India uncertain

BJP's allies not consulted before blasts, says Barnala

A Ghauri Strike

Pakistan's Dr Strangelove

Natwar Singh blasts Advani, Fernandes

IISc denies any involvement in nuclear project

'India is today a nuclear weapons state. This is a reality that cannot be denied'

This government has no mandate to decide on N-weaponisation, says Chidambaram

Chandra Shekhar urges government to restrain machismo

VHP to rope in Buddhist monks from Nepal for Shaktipeeth project

Pak refutes reports of nuclear test, tells US it is disinformation

Analysts debate efficacy of tests, signing the CTBT

The China Syndrome

BJP leaders are singing different tunes about nuclear tests, charges Sonia

Without weaponisation, going nuclear makes no sense, says Fernandes

Parliament to discuss N-tests fallout threadbare

R Venkataraman praises Vajpayee for N-tests

Why the CIA could not detect Pokhran plans

Nuclear blasts shake China out of its splendid isolation

Russia against N-tests by India and Pakistan

Pak may skip N-test if given weapons to match India, says Ayub Khan

Sharief says India will step across LoC and 'cross our threshold of tolerance'

Newsmen report unusual activity at possible site of Pak N-test

India may not have an H-bomb, says scientist

Let's talk about NPT, India tells the world

Scientists brief Opposition leaders about nuclear tests

Nuclear tests are not much of a deterrent, says Chatterjee

Vajpayee seeks to mend fences with China, Pakistan

RJD says it will oust government if it did not give up jingoism

Yeltsin nudged India down the path of conciliation

Fernandes invited to visit US, yet to make up his mind

Sharief accuses India of nuclear blackmail

If armed, Pakistan may forego N-tests: Gohar

Clinton repeats call to India to eschew N-weapons, sign CTBT

Clarify misgivings, Deve Gowda tells PM

Mahajan claims he's not been gagged

Clinton seeks in vain for Pak assurance on N-test

Pakistani women take to the streets asking for the bomb

Clinton-Yeltsin talks on India's CTBT position

NAM rebuffs Pak bid to censure Indian N-tests

Naresh Chandra meets Pickering in Washington, pushes Indian moratorium

PM's poetry catches up with him

America's pro-China stance comes under fire

Sonia regrets flexing of nuclear muscle

Chinese media assails India for 'hegemonistic' aspirations

Additional security for BARC, other nuke centres

Another Russian daily supports India's tests, criticises US and Moscow

Indian nuke programme is unstoppable: Dr Ramanna

Dear Prime Minister Sri Vajpayeeji...

Hypocrites, all of them!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Parts of Kashmir LoC come alive with Pak fire

India rules out war with Pak

Albright breaks her silence, calls tests 'grave historical error'

India stays further N-tests

Did Indian at CIA supply info to New Delhi?

China waffles on ignoring Pakistani N-test

Nambiar to return to China by month-end

Japan has been understanding about nuke tests: India

India, Israel may try to kill Pakistan's nuke capability

India should acquire second-strike capability and ICBMs, says AICC secretary

Blair tells Pakistan not to test further

TDP won't withdraw support over N-tests: Naidu

Hind-Chini byebye?

India is willing to discuss proliferation, CTBT terms

Feint and jab

MEA turns around, says envoy Nambiar's visit is routine

Vajpayee blasts big powers's hypocrisy

'Jai jawan, jai kisan aur jai vigyan' Vajpayee coins new slogan

Pak should take lead for talks, says Vajpayee

BJP rupturing foreign ties with vitriol, says Congress

Economic carrot stalls Pak N-tests

US still persuading Pak not to go nuclear

Clinton administration moves ahead on repeal of Pressler Amendment

Annan asks Pak not to compete with India

China not to impose sanctions on Pak for N-tests

VHP's shaktipeeth to be built 50 km from Pokhran

Gandhians sad, and a trifle happy, about nuke tests

India summons envoy from Beijing as China, Pak step up hostile campaign

India invaded China, its N-weapons pose great danger, says Xinhua

China, Pak wind up talks on 'recent developments'

Clinton changes tack, admits India's security concerns

Carter chides US reaction to India's N-tests

Indian point of view gaining ground in the US

N-tests were meant to contain BJP coalition's rift, not external threat, says Deve Gowda

Isolating India will not help US: experts

Expert calls for 'nuclear bargain' between US and India

Shaktipeeth near Pokhran is VHP's baby, not Vajpayee's

Chidambaram lauds BARC's role in N-tests

Too early to comment on Pak N-test: Chidambaram

Benazir charges Sharief with inaction over Indian blasts

Pak dashes off envoy to China

Prepare for fiscal hardship, PM warns nation

Fernandes breaks silence on N-tests, repeats charge against China

Government not bothered by Pakistan's tests

Pak N-tests close to certain: Gohar Ayub Khan

US not to cut diplomatic ties with India

No more tests planned, says Vajpayee

Weapons a nuclear deterrent, say scientists

VHP to build memorial near Pokhran

Scientists come together to protest against nuclear tests

G-8 has spared India, says Gohar Ayub Khan

Nuclear capable India and Pak should negotiate peace, says Gujral

West fears more nuclear powers may emerge from the basement

Arab nations hail India's N-tests

Condemnation, no sanctions, is G-8 outcome

Pokhran natives to be compensated

Did it finally take a thermonuclear explosion to blast Jayalalitha out of the PM's hair?

Pokharan II: It's not the time for euphoria

India does not rule out more N-tests

US rejects India's 'nuclear nation' claim

Washington in a ferment over Indian nuke tests

G-8 to condemn, not convict, India

Vajpayee, Blair discuss nuke tests

Pak keeping its nuclear options open

India ready for dialogue with Pak: Mishra

How could you make nuclear plans public, Mulayam asks PM

American sanctions never last the course, say Russian analysts

Nordic countries urge India to sign CTBT

Pak will sign NPT, CTBT if India does

Sanctions mean trouble but nation should unite, says Pawar

Left parties flay nuclear policy

Signature campaign blasts India's nuclear tests

Sangma's report foresees snap poll

No mid-term polls, says BJP chief

Indians, Pakis protest in US to bring Vajpayee, Sharief on road to peace

India should offer 'no first use', says expert

It was 'Operation Shakti' on Budh Purnima

The Buddha smiled a cracked smile

When the echoes of the blasts have died down, what remains?

We have a big bomb now: Vajpayee

India formally declares herself a nuclear weapons state

We will use N-weapons if threatened, says Vajpayee

India steps up diplomatic offensive to contain fallout

India trashes US's charge

India flays Security Council's criticism of blasts

Indian politicians urge Vajpayee to show Clinton the door

PM to brief opposition about blasts fallout

Congress backtracks, praises N-tests

Clinton hopes jets-for-restraint deal will be struck with Pak

Bill introduced to repeal Pressler law

All the best, India tells US delegation in Pak

Gujral calls for early normalisation of situation

India should not sign CTBT in its present form, says Arundhati Ghose

CIA vows not to be caught off guard again

Revenge is sweet, sanctions bitter, say Pak nationals

Indian government misled us, says US

Ramanna 'elated' over N-tests

Pakistan may test bomb on Sunday

Possible Pak N-test leaves govt unfazed

Halt India's N-programme: China

Chinese reaction out of character, say analysts

India launches diplomatic offensive to woo NAM, developing world

Tokyo recalls envoy, more Japanese sanctions

Australia suspends aid, cancels defence deals

Russia tightens nuclear export norms

Govt to seek opinion of political parties on CTBT

Raje to seek NAM backing

US may repeal Pressler law to please Pak

Mixed reaction to N-tests in Pakistan

'I cannot predict what the Security Council will decide'

Bad boy India won't be allowed in nuclear club, says Uncle Sam

Sanctions won't stall India's atomic power generation programme

US consulate denies rumours of visa non-issue

India explodes two more nuke devices

Wednesday's tests are of weapons of war

Clinton imposes tough sanctions

France, Russia oppose sanctions

Japan suspends grants worth $ 30m

India vows to continue all defence plans, including long-range missiles

India ready to face any challenge: Vajpayee

Canada calls home high commissioner for 'urgent consultations'

'Indian leadership has gone berserk'

CIA orders inquiry into intelligence failure

Pakistan feels let down by US spy satellites

US senators, peaceniks flay India

Vajpayee, A-team, review sanctions's fallout

Congress tells government to explain changed security perceptions, E K Nayanar echoes view

Indian leaders welcome nuke explosions

Britain deeply disturbed at new tests, complains to Indian envoy

'Our tests pose no danger to any country which has no inimical intentions towards India'

Security Council may appeal to India to sign CTBT, NPT

India can now sign CTBT: defence expert

What the US will sanction against

Heel, Clinton tells India

Government undecided on CTBT

US open to accord with India on CTBT

Mahajan talks tough, says life-time mission fulfilled

Clinton may not cancel India visit

'India cannot escape sanctions'

Japan is thinking of freezing aid

Australia recalls high commissioner for 'consultation'

Vajpayee writes to world leaders explaining India's compulsions

Yeltsin says India has let down Russia

Pakistan under increasing domestic pressure to reply in kind

'We are like a cook waiting for orders'

Security the provocation for N-tests, says govt

China 'seriously concerned' over tests

Gujral won't admit he gave nod for the bomb

Rao wanted to conduct nuclear test

'India ready for nuke bomb ban if world corrects discrimination'

N-device without policy blueprint is adventurism, Swamy tells PM

Experts call for diplomatic offensive to defang sanctions

Tests took US by surprise

Sanctions won't hurt India, feels analyst

N-tests an expected result

For Indian nuke scientists, spring comes in the month of May

It was essential for India to demonstrate its defence capabilities: Farooq

India explodes three nuclear bombs

Analysts believe decision will not lead to arms race

N-deterrent at last, says government

'Tests show India has proven capability for weaponised N-programme'

America disappointed, no word of sanctions as yet

Pakistan cries foul, calls for sanctions

Hosannas all over, but Pakistan demurs

Parties welcome N-tests

'There is dictum in strategic defence planning, Imagine the worst case scenario and prepare yourself for it. Which is exactly what we have done'

'We have not mentioned the word peaceful so far'

'It's the BJP way of showing the world India is great'

'Why should we wait? Didn't we wait for 24 years?'

'It was a militaristic, chauvinistic, jingoistic move'

'India risks international isolation'

'The West cannot ignore the fact that India is a large market'

India on road to H-bomb, says Jane's