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A sale of despair

Twentyseven-year-old Raosaheb Kautik Patil, a Jalgaon resident, has a kidney to sell. And sell it he will, to anyone who pays.

For, Patil needs money. He needs money desperately. He needs it not for him, but for his young son who is paralysed in both legs and needs an operation urgently.

While Patil's elder sons are both normal, the youngest son was born paralysed. The father spent the whole of his savings on medical treatment, but to no avail. Now, after countless medical opinions and trials, he has been assured his son will walk -- provided he went in for a surgery at this juncture.

But the money? The Rs 100,000 that the operation will cost him?

Patil knocked on all doors; he asked friends, relatives, acquaintances... everyone. But no one had that kind of money. Or they said they hadn't.

So Patil is taking the only option left to him. He is selling a part of himself. So that his young son may walk.

If only he could find a buyer soon...

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