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November 12, 2007
The UPA is 'Hyde-ing' facts
Has the UPA decided that, Hyde Act or not, there's no risk at all of a US ban on our further nuclear testing because we are not going to do another test?
August 22, 2007
Don't sulk, Doctor Sa'ab
He must attain the 'historic' by being the first PM to author a public document refuting every criticism against his biggest policy yet.
May 08, 2007
They didn't encroach the 'reserved' area!
'When the Supreme Court stayed the reservation of 27% per cent seats for OBCs, it was educating our MPs on certain principles such as equality enshrined in our Constitution.'
April 25, 2007
Today's India has a new culture
It's the culture of the Mammon variety.
April 05, 2007
The World Cup inquiry: What may happen
'Dravid will resign, expressing a desire to concentrate exclusively on his batting from now on. And Tendulkar will be declared the captain for the next tour.'
April 03, 2007
How is Chappell responsible?
'...for this dereliction of duty --- to self, to the team, to one's family and to one's motherland?'
September 25, 2006
What has India achieved?
'Today, we have no national idols or ideals.'
June 02, 2006
Round table merry-go-round
'The recent round table in Srinagar was largely a waste of time.'
May 30, 2006
Of reservation & retribution
'We are witnessing a youth movement unlike any in free India.'
May 24, 2006
Why do we tolerate the Hurriyat?
'If New Delhi has any self-respect it will quickly wipe off the Hurriyat from its Kashmir radar.'
March 27, 2006
Sonia quitting: Much ado about nothing
'If she claimed she was in politics only to serve the people, did she need to be in the Lok Sabha in the first place?'
March 24, 2006
What the new BJP chief should do
'He must think, meet and communicate because the BJP's disconnect within the Sangh Parivar and the country has reached a state of ridicule.'
February 06, 2006
In the national interest, Dr Singh?
'Isn't any country's prime minister expected to act only and exclusively in the 'national interest'? So what was Dr Singh being so lofty about?'
January 18, 2006
Credibility is Musharraf's problem
'Were it not for the decorum of international diplomacy, the Indian government would be justified in saying 'Piss off' to the general.'
January 03, 2006
Stop sting journalism, now!
'Who, pray, is looking at the morality and ethics of the intrusive, entrapping spy cam?'
October 26, 2005
J&K: Time for gratitude, not petulance
Did J&K contribute anything for the tsunami? What moral right do PDP and NC have to expect us outside the Valley to drip with kindness?
October 11, 2005
The BJP's paralysis
'The BJP has been truly paralysed -- except in creating and aggravating internal squabbles and controversies.'
September 23, 2005
Did Parliament ratify the nuclear deal?
'Does Manmohan Singh believe an international agreement signed by an Indian prime minister has the ipso facto approval of Parliament?'
September 19, 2005
The rogue & the meek
'Oh, how devilishly daring this Pakistan general is! And oh, how meek our Indian nation is!'
April 06, 2005
Catch up on history, Mr Aziz
'All ignorant ones from Islamabad to Washington must be told that, excepting those parts seized by Pakistan in 1947, J&K has undergone a self-determination exercise.'
March 19, 2005
Kya lagaya hai, yeh secular, secular?
'Hindustan, the most tolerant of all nations, has today turned anti-Hindu under fundamentalists of a different kind.'
March 04, 2005
Mr Advani, we understand your outrage
'But remember that the Constitution and the case law is against you.'
February 25, 2005
Bus to nowhere
'The train from Delhi to Lahore brought Kargil upon us. What will the S-M bus service bring?'
November 22, 2004
Clear and present danger
'Part of the UPA government's mission statement is the extermination of the BJP parivar.'
September 15, 2004
Why should US have a role in J&K?
'As a formula for ultimate Indo-Pak peace, this one will take a lot of beating.'
August 10, 2004
Not a carat more, Mr Gujral
''Make no mistake: peace in J&K will be impossible until Pakistan stops coveting the predominantly Muslim valley,' says Arvind Lavakare.
July 28, 2004
UNDP is ignorant and insolent
In Gujarat, of the total killed, about a third were Hindus. If, at one stage, 100,000 Muslims were struggling in relief camps, so were 40,000 Hindus. Thus, Gujarat 2002 was not genocide.
July 14, 2004
BJP's unending trauma
'The BJP is truly in a comatose condition from which, it appears, it can never come out as long as they revere their wizened poet who keeps on altering his verses, rhyme and metre as often as a chameleon changes its colours.'
June 22, 2004
These ghosts just don't go away
'Has the Congress atoned for the Sikh carnage of 1984 by installing a Sikh as prime minister? Or has it atoned by making Jagdish Tytler a minister of state?' asks Arvind Lavakare.
June 9, 2004
BJP needs killer instinct
'Now that the NDA is out of power, getting back there would demand its rededication to national resurgence while keeping a hawk eye on the UPA.'
June 8, 2004
Why the NDA lost
Though the BJP had set out to proclaim itself as different from other parties, there was nothing that put this stamp on its leaders' style of governance.
May 28, 2004
Thanks, Mehbooba, for lifting the veil
'Article 370 of the Indian Constitution has given such an exalted status to J&K that the latter refuses to integrate emotionally with the rest of India.'
May 24, 2004
America's inhuman rights record
'We don't need sermons from those who have the blood of slaves on their hands.'
April 29, 2004
Travesty & tragedy of J&K democracy
'100,000 and more West Pakistan refugees are Indian citizens, but even 57 years after they settled in J&K, they are not citizens of J&K'
April 16, 2004
Hurriyat: Hybrids & hypocrites
'The failure of the NDA to take on J&K's ego head on to let J&K and Ladakh drift along with the Kashmiri Pandits must rank as one of its significant failures.'
March 12, 2004
J&K's latest legislation: As perverse as its roots
'Don't be surprised if the J&K legislative council passes the Bill with impunity. It will be just one more time that the most arrogant state in the country cocks a snook at the whole nation.'
March 8, 2004
Forgotten day in Kashmir's history
'Just imagine some 550 disparate sovereign states persuaded to accede to India almost in one go, and the country hasn't earmarked a day to commemorate the event that prevented the disintegration of India.'
February 25, 2004
Vajpayee's masterful strategy?
'The Islamabad declaration avers confidence in a settlement that is to "the satisfaction of both sides." How can that come about with the mammoth maze of the J&K issue?'
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