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Congress to share power; Left to be alienated

The fall of Deve Gowda's government resulted in some very uncomfortable personal publicity, lots of praise and some blame from those unaware of mundane astrology. It is not possible for any astrologer to have the complete data about nations and important personalities. The result -- 60 per cent of the predictions are a grope in the dark.

No US astrologer has Bob Dole's correct horoscope. I have been accused of predicting Dole's victory -- something that I've never done. All that I did was to refer to the American poll forecasts, which are normally very dependable. Besides, Bill Clinton's horoscope does not indicate defeat. But there are other problems which were visible then and are manifesting themselves now. Going on the basis of Clinton's horoscope, his problems can only increase.

Similarly, Moopanar's horoscope is not available. But the national horoscope indicates the assertive role of south India, in some way or the other. Using this indication as a base, the following inferences can be drawn.

1. The Tamil Maanila Congress can still join I K Gujral's cabinet. And the leadership of the United Front can still come from the south. These are not, I repeat, predictions; they are merely inferences.

2. Though I do not have Sitaram Kesri's horoscope, I can still draw inferences from the horoscope of the Congress party -- and I did so on the basis of the Mercury pratyantara dasha. It turned out to be a hundred per cent correct -- the Congress caused a jolt when they withdrew support to the Deve Gowda government.

3. Taking into account the time at which Gujral was elected leader of the UF and the time when he took his oath as prime minister, three jolts are visible. Again, I have drawn inferences.

The 10th lord, Jupiter, is in the 8th house. Saturn is in the 10th house with Ketu. These two are bad in themselves. The aspect of retrograde Mars, from the third house on the 10th house, is worse. Add to all this the results of an afflicted Moon and watch out for the dramatic events that will unfold in next three months.

There has been no research on mundane astrology since the days of Varahamihira. Ancient concepts have not been modernised to suit the changed conditions of democracies. New research has to be done on parliamentary elections. When individual horoscopes based on the correct time of birth is available, it is easier to make predictions. Yet, in order to ensure accuracy, the horoscopes of the main rival candidates should be considered.

In the absence of individual horoscopes, other well-known techniques are adopted. Ordinarily, when this is done, I ask readers to draw their own inferences as I do not have sufficient data to reach a definite conclusion myself.

Keeping this in mind, what can the four prominent weaknesses in Gujral's oath-taking ceremony mean? So a series of inferences start -- which includes the alienation of the Left and power-sharing by the Congress. These events, if they happen, will create some new problems.

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