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Crystal Ball/K N Rao

When Rahu enters the mind, politicians walk on their head

I had never heard of Michael Jackson till my nephew told me about him. In order to avoid looking antiquated, I told him that Elvis Presley ruled the roost in my time. And added that, during our youth, the music that appealed to the heart held sway. Unlike today, when the music appeals to regions below the heart. Rahu does the same thing in an individual's horoscope. In Indian politics, Rahu has become more effective than Elvis and Jackson combined.

I remember a south Indian government servant shivering when his boss had asked him to come with a file for discussion at Rahukalam, a time which south Indians believe is astrologically inauspicious. I had to assure him that it would be all right. He came back a happy man -- his boss was pleased with the work he had put in on the file.

Bengalis believe in what is called the bar-bela between 2.30 pm and 5 pm on Thursday. It is said to be the most inauspicious time of the week. The United Front decided to hold its meeting to elect a new leader during this time, hoping that it would remove many road blocks. The death of Biju Patnaik led to the postponement of the meeting. Lucky, a Bengali astrologer will say.

The first road block was the Left Front's resolution that Sitaram Kesri withdraw his party's stake to form the government. The second is Deve Gowda's ambition to continue as caretaker prime minister till the general elections are held. And the third is godman Shivaji Maharaj's attempt to make Laloo Prasad Yadav the prime minister of India by performing a 'satellite yagna.'

Laloo, the self-proclaimed leader of secularist forces, wants to become prime minister through a yagna. Deve Gowda's yagna failed to save him. Yes, it is the 'secularists' who are getting yagnas performed to ensure the fulfillment of their political ambitions. While the 'communal' BJP is talking about the constitutional propriety of inviting a defeated United Front to form the government again. Rahu is laughing. See his role.

1. The horoscope of August 15, 1947, has the Venus-Rahu dasha. Rahu, who is in transit in lagna and in the 5th house of the mind, is in a riotous mood.

2. In the horoscope of Republican India (26 January, 1950), the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Jupiter aspect the 5th house of the mind.

3. The horoscope of the Congress party shows the Rahu-Saturn dasha, with Rahu in the 5th lord of the mind. While in transit, he instigated Kesri to have a go at Deve Gowda.

4. Kesri's horoscope shows the Venus-Rahu dasha. Rahu, in the 10th house of action, provoked him to remove Deve Gowda.

5. Deve Gowda's horoscope shows the Venus-Rahu period. Rahu, in the 8th house, is deluding him into believing that he will continue as caretaker prime minister till the end of Kaliyuga. Besides, both Rahu and Ketu are gripping his 5th lord of the mind and the Moon. In such cases, modern astrologers recommend psychiatric treatment.

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