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December 23, 2004

Rao's name will be written in gold
'What will always be Rao's credit is that he had the intelligence and the courage to take -- and stay on -- a different road.'

December 20, 2004

Hinduism is not fragile!
'A religion that has survived millennia and a people who have clung to a faith against the worst odds cannot be affected by what is a mere hiccup in its awesome history.'

November 03, 2004

Do we live in the 21st or 16th century?
'By no stretch of imagination should the panchayats (village or community) be executive, legislature, and judiciary all rolled into one. Never.

April 12, 2004

What's the fuss about Pak's new status?
'What is the purpose of crying ourselves hoarse about how India is superior and different when every US-Pakistan collaborative move gets New Delhi hot under the collar?'.

March 24, 2004

Congress is a family-run business
In stark contrast to the Congress, the BJP is not bitten by the dynasty bug. At least not yet

February 17, 2004

Does India need only 50,000 engineers per year?
'To remove 20 percent unemployment 90 percent of seats must be cut? This must be the most anti-national suggestion ever made.'

February 11, 2004

How India can become a superpower
'The first is to put every Indian child in school, and keep him or her there till Class X at least. Second is higher education available to all who qualify.'

January 21, 2004

What purpose did the WSF serve?
'The WSF says Another World is Possible. But what is that world?'

January 8, 2004

Beware the jihadi generals
'India has to be on high alert to thwart those against the peace process, who will surely become active now.'

December 24, 2003

Something must be right with India!
'When politicians do good work, surely something must be right with India!'

October 27, 2003

Will building temples save India?
'Will building temples save India from future threats? Will it put an Indian in space, seated in an Indian rocket?'

August 04, 2003

UCC or Hindu Civil Code?
'It is this more equal society that all religious obscurantists fear most. Unfortunately, political parties that profess to be secular and oppose pseudo-secularism pander equally to obscurantists.'

March 28, 2003

Washington is very fickle
'The US has already spoken of targeting Iran and North Korea after Iraq; who next? Pakistan? India? Have we thrown the yoke of imperialism only to see it return in the 21st century?'

February 13, 2003

Half-truths and history
'Intolerance, as history reveals, is difficult to control, and those who hate constantly find new enemies to hunt down,' says Amberish K Diwanji.

January 7, 2003

The search for the soul of Hindutva
'To push for the notion of a Hindu rashtra, the VHP rides on specific Hindu fears that are different in different parts. They are only exploiting the existing divide prevalent in India, and they are doing it well.'

December 20, 2002

Failing to understand Gujarat
For Hindu Gujaratis, the burning of the train at Godhra in a state where the Gujarati Hindu now ruled after 600 years kindled the desire for revenge.'

November 15, 2002

Holy cow!
'Perhaps it is time we Hindus ask ourselves whether our reverence for the cow has not crossed all sane limits, and whether it makes sense to continue it.'

October 21, 2002

Why should any dalits stay Hindu?
'The VHP only cares for dalits and adivasis because they don't want them to convert; the fact is that most VHP members strongly believe in the caste system and hate the dalits and adivasis, perhaps as much as they do the Muslims.'

October 11, 2002

Woe Brahmin Raj
'To end conversions, one has to end casteism and all caste consciousness. Why can't a Hindu simply be referred to as a Hindu? Why do we need to mention the caste?'

July 10, 2002

And now for trifurcating J&K
'One hopes the RSS understands that should Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh be split, there is every reason to fear that at some future date, Kashmir might not remain a part of India. Is the RSS actually prepared for that?'

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