Second wave of COVID-19

1. Are you satisfied with the government’s handling of the second wave?

2. Do you think India didn't learn from the experience of other countries and necessary arrangements were not in place, which aggravated the crisis?

3. Do you think the states misreported Covid death numbers?

4. With the Omicron outbreak, do you think the country will be able to withstand a possible third wave?

5. Were the assembly elections in five states a catalyst for the second wave?

Withdrawal of agri laws and end of farmers' stir

1. Was the government right in withdrawing the three farm laws?

2. Do you think the upcoming elections, especially in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, are the reason behind this sudden move of the Centre?

3. Did the government fail to assess the strong resolve of the protesting farmers?

4. Do you think this move will strengthen the Opposition parties?

5. Do the farmers need more help from the government in form of subsidies or MSP?

Drugs on cruise case and the arrest of Aryan Khan, others

1. Was Aryan Khan's arrest a conspiracy to malign the reputation of Shah Rukh Khan?

2. Was the arrest justified?

3. Do you find the conduct of NCB officer Sameer Wankhede dubious in this whole episode?

4. Do you agree to the Opposition's allegation that a major drug haul at Mundra port was hushed up while the Aryan case was blown out of proportion?

5. Do you think youngsters caught with drugs should be counselled instead of being jailed?

Assembly polls and the rise of Mamata Banerjee

1. Do you see Mamata Banerjee as a potential prime ministerial candidate in the next general elections?

2. What do you think was the reason behind Mamata's resounding victory in Bengal despite the BJP's strong campaign push?

3. Can a united Opposition led by Mamata defeat the BJP in 2024?

4. Is it prudent for the Trinamool Congress to expand its base in other states like Goa or Tripura?

5. Is Mamata currently the tallest opposition leader?

No end to Congress infighting

1. Do you think the Congress was right in replacing Amarinder Singh as CM in Punjab?

2. The Congress is falling apart because the central leadership of the party is weak.

3. Do you think if Rahul Gandhi becomes the full-time president, it will help the party?

4. Should Priyanka Gandhi play a larger role in the party?

5. Do you think a non-Gandhi president would help the Congress gain voters' confidence?