Farmers protest

1. Do you think the government showed undue haste in enacting the three farm laws?

2. Is the government's response to farmers' protest justified?

3. Do you think these protests are 'motivated'?

4. Are the demands of farmers genuine?

5. Should the government roll back the three laws?

COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Are you satisfied with the Centre's response to COVID-19?

2. Do you think the lockdown should have been imposed earlier?

3. Do you think the lockdown should have been better planned to avoid the migrant/economic crises?

Ladakh standoff

1. Do you think India handled the Ladakh standoff in the best way possible?

2. Did the government do enough to counter Chinese threats?

3. What do you think about PM's statement that 'no one has encroached upon Indian territory'?

4. Does banning apps really hurt the Chinese in any way?

5. Should the government ban Chinese products?


1. Why do you think India's economy is underperforming?

2. Do you think the economy will recover in 2021?

3. Is the government doing all it can to bring the economy on track?

4. Will the government's move to merge small PSU banks into bigger ones solve the NPA crisis?

5. Do you believe your money is safe in banks?

Sushant Singh's death

1. Do you think the Mumbai police handled the case properly?

2. Was the case politicised in view of the Bihar polls?

3. Do you think the reporting of the case on TV crossed a line?

4. Was Rhea Chakraborty vilified by TV media only for TRPs?

5. What do you think about nepotism in Bollywood?

6. Do you think Bollywood is a den of vice, as its critics say?

Delhi riots

1. Do you support the government on CAA/NRC?

2. Should persecuted Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan also be included in CAA?

3. Do you think anti-CAA protests were genuine?

4. Do you think the Delhi police played a partisan role in the riots and subsequent probe?