How is the President of India Elected?
Eligibility to become the President
Should be a citizen of India
Should be at least 35 years of age
Should be qualified for election as a member of the Lok Sabha
Should be registered as an elector in any parliamentary constituency in India
The candidate shall not hold any office of profit
The candidate's nomination form needs to be subscribed by at least 50 electors as proposers and 50 electors as seconders
Who will elect the President?

The President is not directly elected by the people. But by the electoral college, which consists of MPs and MLAs

In 2017, the total number of members in the electoral college, as reported by the Election Commission of India, is 4,896.

The break-up is as follows:

  • Members of Rajya Sabha: 233
  • Members of Lok Sabha: 543
  • Total members of state assemblies: 4,120
  • Total: 4,896

Value of votes

In the Lok Sabha or assembly elections, the value of every citizen's vote is the same. However, in the Presidential elections, the value of an MP's vote and an MLA's vote is different.

The value of the vote of an MLA in a state is determined on the basis of the population of the state as per the 1971 Census

For example, in Telangana:

Number of assembly seats = 119

Population of Telangana as per the 1971 Census = 15.70 million or 1.57 crore

Value of the vote of each MLA =

1.57 cr
x 1000 = 132

Total value of votes of all the state MLAs =
119 x 132 = 15,708

The value of an MP's vote is determined by dividing the total value of votes of all the MLAs with the total number of MPs

For example, in 2017:

Total value of votes of all MLAs = 5,49,495

Total number of MPs =
543 (LS) + 233 (RS)=776

Value of the vote of each MP =

= 708

Total value of votes of all the MPs =
776 X 708 = 5,49,408


Total value of MLA votes in 2017 = 5,49,495

Total value of MP votes in 2017 = 5,49,408

Total value of votes for the Presidential election in 2017 = 10,98,903

The halfway mark is expected to be 5,49,442 votes. However, the actual halfway mark depends on the number of valid votes.

Where will the President of India elections 2017 be held?

The elections will be held in Parliament House, New Delhi, and in all state legislative assembly secretariats.

The members cast their votes in a secret paper ballot.

For 2017, the Election Commission has directed that the ballot papers be printed in two colours:

Green ballot papers for use by MPs

Pink ballot papers for use by MLAs

Election schedule

June 14: Issue of notification

June 28: Last date to make a nomination

June 29: Date for scrutiny of a nomination

July 1: Last day to withdraw a nomination

July 17: Date of election (if needed)

July 20: Counting of votes will be held in New Delhi (if needed)

The winning candidate goes to the Rashtrapati Bhavan as the 14th President of India.