Dear Prime Minister Modi

back to . It is to have you back.

You have spent of your first in office away from .

We know you are on a fast track diplomacy and all. But have you considered spending some time at too? Addressing issues that ail the ?

We are a country of and like you, we too would like to .

To . But we .

The has been on the rise. And it is slowly becoming impossible to in of our choice. We’d be to see you do something about that .

Swachh is a wonderful .

But it seems to me that you are falling short on that promise of building .

From what I read, you have built only a little over 2.6 million in the last financial .

That is half the number that built between April and March

Some 600 million people in the open. Of these, many are . Some have been raped. For what? For !?!

Lack of respect for remains one of the biggest issues in .

is a country of . Understand our hopes and desires.

We need leaders who are , like us. And understand us better. And don’t say things.

These are the kind of people that us. doesn’t us.

Unlike what you said, we have always been to have been born in ... long before you became our prime minister.

Welcome back . Now can we get some work done too?