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Light a Candle for Japan
Japan has been living in the throes of a nightmare since Friday, March 11, when a powerful offshore earthquake triggered a godzilla-like tsunami. Giant waves flattened towns to rubble in northern Japan, washing away coastal towns and leaving a trail of devastation behind.

The death toll has already crossed 10,000, as entire towns have been wiped out by nature's wrath. The actual toll may be still higher, as thousands of people are reported missing in the devastated areas.

Japan's atomic reactors have also been damaged, triggering fears of a nuclear meltdown, in what Prime Minister Naoto Kan termed as the greatest disaster in his nation since World War II.

As rescuers work valiantly to find survivors and the world prays for Japan, let us pause for a moment to show our support for the ravaged country.

Let us pray for those who have lost their lives and hope for the best for those who have survived. Let us light a candle for Japan.


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